The Universe Guru Teacher Training

Co-Creating A Life of Abundance and Freedom with Divine Intelligence

12 Months of Divine Co-Creation

This is a 12 Month Fully Immersive Teacher Training Program

A Cosmic Marriage between Spirituality and Divine Service

The Only Training Program where you Start off with an Audience! 

**Scroll down to Access modified QUANTUM QUEEN version


Access to Mina's Divine Feminine Business Program (value $1297)

One Monthly Potently Activating, Consciously Aligned, Group Training Session (Value $32,400)

Two Monthly One on One Private Coaching Calls with Mina (value $8400)

Hands-on Training on Creating Your Website, Social Media Communities, Programs, Coaching Intensives, Membership Sites, & Retreats

You will be expected to join at least one retreat live in person where Mina is teaching to receive hands on Retreat Experience (Admission is included in this package)

3 Day In Person Teacher Training Event with Mina (Location to be Announced) (value $6000)

You will be Assigned an Accountability Partner and are expected to Meet Monthly on Accountability Calls

BONUS: Get Access to Mina's Magnetism & Miracles and Awakened Millionairess Law of Attraction Workshops (value $6000)

Side Note: As with all My work - I use my intuition to help guide me towards what more is needed. So I always announce less and deliver more - Expect lots of FLOW & Fire......

Graduates will be Awarded a Certificate of Completion of Mina Irfan's The Universe Guru Teacher Training Program

The Total Consciousness Life Upgrade & Frequency Activations you wish you got in University!! 

Monthly Training Topics to Include

Vibrational Alignment and Healing Work Around Wealth Consciousness

Healing Boundaries Around Clients and Energetic Cord Cutting

Soulful Sacred Selling

Miracle Marketing 

How to Conduct Magnetic & Hypnotic Coaching Sessions

How to Radiate on Camera

The Trance & Dance of Public Speaking

Creating Transcendent Programs and Ethereal Intensives & Retreats


Having done Mina Irfan's Inner work Programs and Intensives and have intimate familiarity with her teaching systems

Pass Exit Exam with Mina Irfan

Mina's business is run completely intuitively - so you may be assigned additional assignments or goals based on your unique gifts

Have created a Full Digital Program, Group Coaching Intensive, Monthly Membership Site, & have Created an In person Workshop and/or Retreat, and Coached People Under Mina's Guidance

Has a HIGH level of Professionalism, Emotional Intelligence, Integrity, and Great Communication Skills. 


Feminine Energy Teacher

Spirituality Teacher

Law of Attraction Teacher

Outside Reading may be assigned as part of this intensive


About 50% of the content is the same for all students and 50% is customized to your unique gifts and talents.

How to Join

There is an interview process to see if you are eligible for this program. 

Due to the intimate nature of this work - I only have a few spots open at a time.

Contact Mina via Facebook or to schedule your interview.

COST For Teacher Training Program: $25,000

$10,000 IS due upon joining and then $2500 a month for 6 months. 

Modified Version


12 Months of Manifesting Matrix

The most Powerfully Potent Manifesting Vortex on the Planet! 

This version is for the woman who wants to raise her Depth of Consciousness, Embodying New Flavors of Flow and Fierce Frequencies but not necessary become a coach or mentor. 

Includes Monthly Workshop

Magnetism & Miracles Workshop

Awakened Millionairess Live workshop & Q&A

Access to Magnetism & Miracles High Vibe Facebook Group 

Topics to Include:

Vibrational Alignment

Discovering Your Frequency Set Point and How to Raise it

Breaking out of Fear/Lack Consciousness

Alignment into Abundance and Wealth Consciousness

Using Detachment to Manifest more LOVE and Abundance 

Magnetic Communication Skills 

The Frequency of Romance 

Energetic Cord Cutting 

4D Lifestyle Vision Boarding 

BONUS: 3 Frequency Readings & Adjustments (90 minutes each, value $2100)

This Version does NOT include:

Private one on one session but you can add those in at any time.

Entry to Retreat is not included however you can add that on at any time.

Access to Teacher Trainer Mastermind Group.

Cost for Quantum Queen Program

$10,000 Paid in Full

or 3 Payments of $4000


TheUniverseGuru LLC is not a mental/medical health practitioner or mental/medical health provider and is not holding itself out to be in any capacity.  TheUniverseGuru LLC is not providing counseling or therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical or mental ailment.  TheUniverseGuru LLC is a Life Stylist, Mentor, and Guide who helps you reach your own goals through activating your own Personal Power via positive, healthy methods that give you the option to create lifestyle changes. 

I'm ready to Co-Create with Mina Irfan. You will be charged Deposit of $4800 and then $1200 for 11 months. Total of $18,000.

Co-Create the FULL Teacher Trainer Package!

Quantum Queen Modified Version 

If you are NOT interested in becoming a teacher, coach, or mentor - and ONLY want the Group Trainings and access to the Magnetism and Miracle Group Sessions - Enroll here into the Modified Version. This version does NOT include one on one sessions with Mina Irfan, an accountability partner, or the chance to earn the Teacher Certificate at the end of the program.  $10,000 

*You can upgrade later if you change your mind. 

Quantum QUEEN: Frequency & Consciousness Up-Level ONLY

Quantum Queen Payment Plan. 

3 Monthly Payments of $4000.

3 x $4000
Mina Irfan
Mina Irfan
Spiritual Life-stylist

About the instructor

Mina Irfan is a Spiritual Lifestylist, Personal Power Alchemist, and Fierce Frequency Activator here to help you CLAIM & embody your Divine right to riches and Abundance in all areas of your life. 

Here is the truth….It’s not really Abundance if Divine Love isn’t flowing through ALL areas of your life! 

Perhaps you are successful and rocking your work life…but not so prosperous in your health and love life…..

It’s time to claim and evoke a new Frequency….

It’s time to Raise and Illuminate your Vibration….

Access a Deeper Mind…..Level of Consciousness….

One that Claims and Embodies the Potent Power of Abundance in ALL areas of life…..with Divine Guidance as your Compass….and Yours truly as your soul sister guide….

You can’t serve yourself, your family, community, humanity and the collective consciousness until you claim your full Divinity and co-create a Force of Abundance and Riches in all areas of your Being…

Welcome to your Next Level Evolution….Welcome to High End Divinity.


Mina Irfan 

Mina has a degree in Philosophy and Communications from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.