For Women who are Ready to Activate the Quantum Self permanently. Because 2D is so Last Era!

100k A Month PRIESTESS. SOUL. FIRE. MONEY, and Your MAGIC Activated. Because the Divine Feminine is worthy of all her desires.

Are you ready to ditch the limitations of time and space and go full time Quantum?

Do you feel like you don't belong at this level?

Like you are remembering your future but still stuck in the "old" paradigm of now reality.

Do you feel like you can sense your manifestation near but still don't have it?

Your Quantum Self is calling out to you.

She is making contact. Giving you a taste of what's to come.

This is the "remembering your future" vibes you get when you suddenly feel like you don't belong at this level.

She knows you are ready to activate the level where she is waiting, but your current self doesn't know how.

I found myself at exactly this stage and through alignment of the Quantum Self was able to activate the type of BODY, LOVE, MONEY & LIFESTYLE I knew I was meant for in Quantum time.

This is the work I am introducing to the world in my Newest Offering.


The Quantum Self ACTIVATED 


How to drop the 2D struggle and live permanently in the Quantum. Human time and space is so last Era. Time to catch up to your future self now.

How to think, live, act, and feel as the 4 levels ahead Quantum Self. This is your biggest untapped Astral Asset. Learn to tap into this Levels Ahead Source of Wisdom and Guidance.

How to shift out of 2D paradigms of time and space. This is for those that feel like manifestations should be happening faster than they are.  This is a sign that your Quantum self is urging you to outgrow your human addiction to linear time.  You are now ready to get out of the trap of human time.

And whatever else is channeled live through our collective energy. 


6 Quantum Online Trainings.

Two Bonus Recorded Lessons.

Lifetime access to all content and all future additions to this course.

Please note: While I stand behind this and all my work 100%, there are no guarantees of income made, ever.  As with all inner work and spiritual transmissions, You get what you put in and allow.

For Women who are Ready to Activate the Quantum Self permanently. Because 2D is so Last Era!

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    Rich Babe 100k Months Mastermind

    SOUL. FIRE. MONEY, and Your MAGIC Activated. Because Queen's Decide to Have Money. Happening in Honolulu Hawaii on June 6-7, 2022.
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100k A Month PRIESTESS. SOUL. FIRE. MONEY, and Your MAGIC Activated. Because the Divine Feminine is worthy of all her desires.

80% Spiritual Alignment, Activations, Ascension, and Alchemy and 20% Masculine Strategy and Containers.

What would happen if your favorite coffee shop or designer store suddenly felt too sacred or shy to sell?

"No, we can't sell to you today since we have been selling all week and we don't want to appear to salesy!  We just want to add value."

You would either LOL or be very angry...

But either way you would think this is absurd!

Have they gone made!! 

Selling is adding value!

Why won't they just sell you what you want! 

And yet, so many women stop selling their sacred work to "add value!"

They offer their freebies and samples while their soul mate clients wait for the full meal!

Undernourished. Unmet.

Unseen and Unheard.

They just want your magic, lady!

Sell the thing already!

This is why we love to shop! 

We love value!! 

So Divine One, why does selling freak you out?

Why do you choke?

Hide and make excuses....

Join Mina Irfan in Unlocking the Energetic Blueprint of 100K Months


6 LIVE Soul Activating Transmissions, the Mina Irfan Way.

Inner work

Spiritual Practices

Practical Action Steps

Embodiment Exercises that Lock in the Next Level 

and Whatever else is channeled during our Time Together

Lifetime Access to all current and future content.

In my first year of business I made $220,000. 

I doubled that number in the 2nd year  

And Quantum Leaps created after that made me lose track of human time  

And the truth is, I did it afraid. 

I did it with a lot of worthiness issues. 

I did it by listening to my heart and showing up.

Even when it didn’t make sense. 

Even if it was a huge stretch for me. 

💫I now make around $250,000 - $260,000 every TWO WEEKS. 💫

What’s changed?


I continued doing my inner work. 

I continued investing in myself. 

I never settled. 

It was never about the money for me. 

It was always about being the best version of myself. 

About discovering my soul and letting it shine brighter every year. 

Your inner work makes you magnetic. 

It activates your 💫 MAGIC 💫

People, Places, and Money loves Magnetism  

It’s Your Time Now  

You are always worthy  

With Oceans of Love & Abundance,

Mina Irfan 

Powerful Women Activate Other Women!