Successful and Hard working but Exhausted and Anxious? Rushing from Task to Task?

Leading 7 Figure Money, Soul, & Relationship Mentor, Mina Irfan, can help turn things around quickly!

  • Couture Curated Content

    Everything you need to make the Mindset, Energetic, & Behavioral Forever Transformation. No fluff. No B.S.

  • Marriage Between Science, Spirituality, and Modern Femininity

    Most programs out there teach either the Mindset OR the "act as if" Etiquette Techniques. You NEED both in order to have your full Forever Embodiment Upgrade! Mina's work has such a high success rate because every aspect of your BEING is addressed.

  • Heart Centered Service Like No Other!

    No Sleazy Sales Team, no Fluffy Fancy Marketing, or Bait and Switch Coaches. You get Mina Irfan and ACTUAL quality work every single time in every transaction.

LEVEL ONE BASIC BABE FREQUENCY? Start Here: High Value Worthy Woman ASCENSION Program

Ready to Function at Your Full Potential and Personal Power but Have no clue how to Dominate your Triggers, Banish Insecurities, Overcome Self-Doubt, and Gain Emotional Self-Mastery?

LEVEL TWO: SELF-AWARE BARBIE FREQUENCY? Start Here: Self-Aware Barbie Activated

Go from Strong and Put Together on the outside and Anxious and Rushed on the inside to actually transforming twelve areas of your life. Go from having GOALS to having Easy Structures and Systems in place while you get your Sexy On!

Elevated Experiential Learning: In Person Retreats & Intensives

For Adventurous Ladies Who Love to Learn & Travel in Tribe!

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Mina Irfan

Spiritual Lifestylist


Mina Irfan

I help women unlock their Personal Power so they can Activate their Health, Wealth, and Love Life to their Full Divine Potential.