4 Levels Ascension Group Coaching Experience

All types of life coaching topics are welcome. We will be taking your personal goals and desires and helping you remove blocks and limiting beliefs to collapse time and achieve your desires faster.

Month One: Deconditioning (Breaking down the walls, blocks, limiting beliefs, and anything else stopping you from living your absolute best dream life.)

Month Two: Quantum Soul Interrogation (Uncovering or recovering our truest lost desires from the Quantum field.  Yes, there is always a back up record!)

Month Three: Quantum Manifesting (Having and Holding it NOW in the 3D and beyond while skipping a whole lot of steps.)

What’s included in this package:


3 month coaching package. 

✨2 group coaching calls a month. (6 total).

Private Fb Group Chat with all the other ladies in this group for 3 months.

Access to 3 bonus recorded group coaching sessions from the previous Million Dollar Babe Coaching sessions. 

All live sessions are recorded and available for replay.  You have lifetime access to the recordings.

If you will miss a live session, you can email your question in beforehand.

Group coaching sessions start on August, 22, 2022.

Spots are limited!

The Ideal Woman for this package....

Is in the Self Aware Barbie stage or higher.

Is looking for forward moving coaching and not "let's talk through this" therapy style.

Willing and able to receive tough love truths and move forward accordingly.

Ready to bring her highest vibe to this community.

Please Note: This is group coaching and no private sessions are included as part of this package. 

Extended payment plans available at checkout!

We have you covered whether you already manifested the money or are currently calling it in!