90 Day Relationship Rehab

From Complicated to Enchanted Romance

Ready to up-level your Relationship Consciousness by finally learning the relationship dynamics that makes for a Blissful relationship?

Tired of asking your clueless friends and family members for relationship advice?

The truth is that Relationships are easy and sheer bliss once you understand certain relationship dynamics and up-level your consciousness around your self-worth. 

Men fully support, and are attracted towards women with up-leveled consciousness.  

Look at it this way - Up-leveled consciousnesses EQUALS up leveled genome! Who doesn't want better genes in their partner! Humans are pre-wired to seek that out! 

Make this pact with yourself today.......

Dear Sacred Self,

I came upon this Life Changing, Transformative Opportunity to Enroll in this program today.  There must be a reason this was bought into my Consciousness.  Today I make a pact, I will choose one of the following two options and commit.

Option One: I will enroll into this program and put my complete faith and trust into learning and implementing this material.  No matter how long it takes. I'm all in!

Option Two: I refuse to learn new relationship skills, and therefore make a pact to never complain about my relationship.  Something in me is addicted to drama and heartache that comes with being in a low-vibe relationship situation and I surrender to that addiction.  I accept this as my way of being and therefore will no longer complain, blame, or shame my partner in any shape or form.  He is not at fault, I chose him and downgraded his way of being to get my daily high of drama.



***Part of the Feminine Goddess Package of Programs - Do NOT purchase if you have the Goddess Program Package***  

10 Module Course on bringing the passion, intimacy, and romance back in stale or complicated relationships. Over 12 hours of recorded training sessions.

Program includes:

10 Total Modules (Including Bonuses) of Relationships dynamics.

Bonus #1: 4th Module on Difficult In-Laws and Arranged Marriages.

BONUS #2: Training Call on "High Value Dating"

BONUS #3: Training Call on "When Leaning Back Backfires"



Additional 3 Hour Program: Dream Girl Vibes

Do you Know what it takes to become someone's Dream Girl?

Hint: It has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with your energy and how you present yourself to the world! 

Sessions will include:

  • Understanding of relationship dynamics
  • Positive affirmations
  • Meditations
  • Understanding of how your Man is experiencing you and your behavior
  • Communication skills
  • Tools to bring the fun and lightness back into your relationship
  • Ways to deal with complicated issues
  • How to raise your standard without hurting your man's feelings
  • Worthiness work
  • How to set and communicate boundaries in a way he will understand

FREE BONUS GIFT *****Ladies with Arranged Marriages***

We have women here from all over the world, and due to my cultural background, I also attract a lot of women with arranged marriages.

As you can imagine, arranged marriages come with their own set of unique challenges and wins.

We will be discussing the unique challenges and relationship dynamics, dealing with difficult in law situations, and more.

These are some of the common questions/concerns I get asked from women of arranged marriages. 

What if my husband only married me to make his parents happy?

What if I am not attracted to my husband?

He is only into the kids and completely ignores me.

He expects me to become a slave to his parents.

I am expected to spend all my vacation time with his family.

He spends a lot of money on his family.

The first 3 sessions we will dive in deep in relationship dynamics, worthiness work, how men experience your actions and behaviors, and how to set and enforce feminine boundaries so you can stop walking on egg shells. *THESE MODULES WILL WORK FOR WOMEN OF ALL CULTURES AND RELATIONSHIP TYPES.

What other's are saying:

"Wanted to post a success story!! I’ve applied many of the tips I’ve learned from Mina over the last two years that I’ve been with my amazing man, and on Friday he proposed! I’m over the moon and so thankful to be with someone so high value, strong and masculine. Thank you, Mina, for all that you post on here and for the way you encourage us ladies to embrace our feminine energy." -Cecellia

"The 90 day Relationship Rehab program is amazing. So practical and explains so much. Again a very big thank you." - Vanessa

"This is your best program yet." - Meghna

"Thank you Mina for this life-changing information.  I'm beginning to think there is actual hope for my marriage." - Rakhee

"Ladies, I want to share with you that I always wished that my hubby would go on romantic weekends with me. He never wanted 🙁 and I wasn’t able to communicate my desire and needs without ending in a fight. I learned trough the work with Mina so much about communication and female - male dynamics.  Shortly after the 90 day relationship Programm he planned some days in Rome for us 😍. And now, about 14 days later, he planned a weekend in Madrid ❤️. I am so happy and thankful Mina ❤️ and I want to thank this group also, you are so helpful and kind and we can learn from each other" 💕  -Julia

"It never even occurred to me that my husband and I would be having a completely different experience until you started teaching this subject Mina. And now that I am learning how to put these concepts into practice, the dynamic is shifting in a big way. 90 Day relationship rehab is worth it’s weight in gold." - A. B.

"Here is the story of how Mina changed my life:

I was in love with a man who I met on an airplane. When he opened his mouth I realized not only was he a super sexy surfer, but he happened to be the most intelligent guy I have ever met.

From my mother I learned to be selfless and over giving and putting myself last. For many years I believed this was a virtue.

I was putting my man first and having little boundaries and being super nice and over functioning big time when I met him and for the year that we spent together.

I couldn’t understand why he could argue with me, be repelled by me, and eventually we stopped having sex, but not before I was pregnant with his son. The arguments were high intensity and I decided to spend the second half of my pregnancy in Miami and after we birthed my son together, (he visited for 2 weeks and then left) we broke up when my son was 2 months old, after having long distance communication.

Before my son was born I typed in feminine communication in YouTube and Mina was the first person I saw. It was like she was sent from God to explain to me what my ex could not put into words. She used explanations of evolution just like he did and I knew this was what was missing. I spent a year shifting from victimhood and trying to fix him, to understanding and implementing tools and mindset shifts.

As a single mother, I had little money to buy programs but I had Mina on my notifications for Facebook and YouTube. And when the time was right, I bought her programs (conscious coupes and intelligent love, magnetism and miracles, and 90 day relationship rehab).

Shortly after I bought magnetism and miracles, I manifested money to buy the other 2 programs and as soon as I finished conscious couplesand intelligent love, he messaged that he would be buying my ticket so he could spend some time with our son.

For 2 days he was so polite, on the third day (after I had been in my feminine energy and magnetizing him,) he explained why it could never work and I stayed in my feminine energy, I was embodying love and flirty and happy and myself. Actually I watched Mina’s live call in magnetism and miracles, and I was so inspired by her to be sexy and confident and “knowing” I would have him or something better, and on the fourth day he spit it out!

He said he loved me and was attracted to me and that he would not be doing anything he didn’t want to do and that he wanted stability and comfort and that he wanted to raise our son as a family.

Here I am writing from the other side 🌈 I was feeling like I could not get out of that dark place. But then almost like time and space collapsed, I found myself back in my family. I upleveled and leaned back, and thanks to Mina, I have my family. I’m currently taking 90 day rehab course because I want to be ravaged by him and although we are together, I’m going to create polarity with everything Mina taught and all the books she recommended in her programs.

I. Can. Not. Believe. I got my family back!

I might even name a future daughter after you. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸" - Britt


TheUniverseGuru LLC is not a mental/medical health practitioner or mental/medical health provider and is not holding itself out to be in any capacity. TheUniverseGuru LLC is not providing counseling or therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical or mental ailment. TheUniverseGuru LLC is a coach, mentor, and guide who helps you reach your own goals through positive, healthy methods that give you the option to create lifestyle changes.

Yes, I'm ready to up-level my consciousness and transform all that I know about relationships and Male/Female Relationship Dynamics! 

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Course Curriculum

Module 2: Emotional Safety & Bringing Out His Hero Energy
Module 3: Feminine Boundaries & Surrender for Everlasting Romance
Bonus Call: Dealing With Difficult In Laws and Romantic Love in Arranged Marriages
Bonus Training Call: High Value Dating
BONUS Training Call: When Leaning Back Backfires

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High Value Feminine Goddess
Mina Irfan
Mina Irfan
Spiritual Life-stylist

About the instructor

Mina Irfan is a Spiritual Lifestylist, Personal Power Alchemist, and Fierce Frequency Activator here to help you CLAIM & embody your Divine right to riches and Abundance in all areas of your life. 

Here is the truth….It’s not really Abundance if Divine Love isn’t flowing through ALL areas of your life! 

Perhaps you are successful and rocking your work life…but not so prosperous in your health and love life…..

It’s time to claim and evoke a new Frequency….

It’s time to Raise and Illuminate your Vibration….

Access a Deeper Mind…..Level of Consciousness….

One that Claims and Embodies the Potent Power of Abundance in ALL areas of life…..with Divine Guidance as your Compass….and Yours truly as your soul sister guide….

You can’t serve yourself, your family, community, humanity and the collective consciousness until you claim your full Divinity and co-create a Force of Abundance and Riches in all areas of your Being…

Welcome to your Next Level Evolution….Welcome to High End Divinity.


Mina Irfan 

Mina has a degree in Philosophy and Communications from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. 

Website: www.theuniverseguru.com