Go from Zero to Divinely Curated Course in one weekend with Course Creation Queen, Mina Irfan

Ditch the over complicated Masculine Hustle and Embrace the Divine Feminine Womb Creation Process

Want to turn your Divinely Channeled Intellectual Property into Profitable Digital Assets?

Do you dream of using your Delicious healing work to help the planet?

Not sure where to start when it comes to curating your own programs and courses?

Much of what we know in the overly masculine online world only complicates the beautiful birthing process of creating your potent programs. 

Learn the Divine Feminine way of channeling simple yet sacredly powerful courses and programs.

Join Mina Irfan and High Vibe Babes just like in this digital Course Creation Magic and Mastery Intensive.

What you will learn:

How to create a passive income machine of courses/programs/offers in just one weekend.

A simple and fun launch strategy that will help the right people find your sacred work. 

How to automate the process to make money while you sleep.

Making the course creation and birthing process fun and easy!

Speed of Light Results!

Arielle mapped out her entire program and got crystalline clear clarity on who she wanted to serve and even what her program would be called.  Here is what she had to say...

"Thank you so much Mina for the beautiful Crystalline Course Creation workshop! I received so much clarity and direction within just a few hours. You have such a magical way of simplifying the most seemingly complicated processes and made it so easy to digest/implement for us all. Thank you for sharing your genius with us!" - Arielle 

Get Crystal Clear Using Divine Feminine Guidance

I'm Ready to Learn the Crystalline Course Creation Process for Femm Spiritual Business Babes, Lightworkers and Healers.

Answers to Common Questions about the Lightworkers and Crystalline Course Creation Codes Programs

❓Do I have to be a lightworkers to take these courses?

✅A lightworker is someone who wants to restore love and healing on the planet while living in divine alignment. Versus someone who just wants to “have a business”.

So, yes, babe- you are a lightworker if my work resonates with you. 

❓Do I have to share my personal life like you to create an online business.

✅Absolutely not!

Most businesses don’t talk about their personal lives. 

You choose what and how much you want to share. This is your spiritual business after all. 

❓What if I don’t know which topic to create my first course on?

✅No worries, I will be providing a list of profitable topics for Inspiration. 

Which of these programs should I do first. 

Definitely do the lightworkers intensive first if you need to learn business alignment and the art of spiritual selling. 

You get a better deal by bundling both together. 

❓Do I need to have a YouTube channel.

✅No.  You can market your courses on any social media platform of your course. 

You don’t even need to do video. 

I personally prefer YouTube since it’s been the most profitable platform for me (and marketing research supports this!) 

But remember that whenever you are having fun, that will be the best platform for you. 

Hope this helps!


Mina Irfan

Course curriculum

    1. Miracle Map: The Shero’s Journey

    2. Creation Codes: From Divine Downloads to Digital Assets

    3. Divine Delivery and Holding Sacred Space

    1. Spiritual Business 7 Figure Feminine Sales & Marketing Secrets

    2. Magical Marketing and ShePower Launch Strategy

    3. Marketing Emails

    4. Simple Launch Strategy 1

    5. Simple Launch Strategy 2

    6. Simple Launch Strategy 3

    7. BONUS: Digital Assets

    8. Priestess Prosperity Profitable Program Niches

    9. BONUS: High Vibration Marketing (When God is Your Business Manager)

    10. BONUS: Manifest Yourself out of a Soul Sucking Day Job

    11. BONUS: Why The Divine Feminine Earns More Money and will continue to RISE....

    12. BONUS: When Source is Your Income Stream - Manifesting the Divine Feminine Way

    13. I Created over 60 Digital Courses, This is what I Learned (The Morphogenetic Leader)

    1. Your Next Level Ascension...

About this course

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  • 17 lessons
  • 12 hours of video content