CA$H, THE METAPHYSICS OF MONEY Live in Hawaii, April 5 & 6, 2023


  • Audio Recordings from 2 Potently Powerful Days of Top 1% Woman Cash Activations and Masterminding from Hawaii 2023.


  • How to take Wormholes into the Top 1%. And why most of what you are currently doing won't work!

  • How to drop the 2D struggle and live permanently in the Quantum. Human time and space is so last Era, It's time to start working in Quantum time. Time to catch up to your future self now.

  • How to think, live, act, and feel as the 10 levels ahead Quantum Self. This is your biggest untapped Astral Asset. Learn to tap into this Levels Ahead source of wisdom and guidance.

  • How to shift out of 2D paradigms of time and space. This is for those that feel like manifestations should be happening faster than they are. This is a sign that your Quantum self is urging you to outgrow your human addiction to linear time. You are now ready to get out of the trap of time.

Soul, Fire, 💰 Money, and Your Sacred Magic Activated!

For Women who Decide and Declare their Divine Desires!