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✨Exponential Riches✨2 Day Intensive Live in Honolulu April 5 & 6, 2023✨

Come Quantum Leap with us…

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CA$H, THE METAPHYSICS OF MONEY Live in Hawaii, April 5 & 6, 2023


  • 2 Potently Powerful Days of Top 1% Woman Cash Activations and Masterminding

  • Sisterhood Private group chat with Mina and the other ladies leading up to and for 6 weeks, after the event!

  • Luxurious Gourmet Lunch with Mina and the other ladies on both days.

  • BONUS: Quantum Self Activated Course (sold separately for $4,444). (Not applicable for people using a free intensive ticket. New purchases only. No substitutions.)


  • How to take Wormholes into the Top 1%. And why most of what you are currently doing won't work!

  • How to drop the 2D struggle and live permanently in the Quantum. Human time and space is so last Era, It's time to start working in Quantum time. Time to catch up to your future self now.

  • How to think, live, act, and feel as the 10 levels ahead Quantum Self. This is your biggest untapped Astral Asset. Learn to tap into this Levels Ahead source of wisdom and guidance.

  • How to shift out of 2D paradigms of time and space. This is for those that feel like manifestations should be happening faster than they are. This is a sign that your Quantum self is urging you to outgrow your human addiction to linear time. You are now ready to get out of the trap of time.

Soul, Fire, 💰 Money, and Your Sacred Magic Activated!

For Women who Decide and Declare their Divine Desires!

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Please Note: Travel, Transportation, Lodging, Meals, and any other expenses incurred to get to the event is not included in this price. This price is only for the trainings offered by Mina Irfan.

We will be sending over covid and other general waivers which will need to be signed before the training event.


DISCLAIMER: The Universe Guru LLC is not a mental/medical health practitioner or mental/medical health provider and is not holding itself out to be in any capacity. TheUniverseGuru LLC is not providing counseling or therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat, or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical or mental ailment. Rather, TheUniverseGuru LLC serves as a coach/mentor who helps you reach your own goals through personal accountability and inspiration. You are participating voluntarily in using our products or services and you alone are solely and personally responsible for your results and take full responsibility for your health, life, and well-being, as well as the health, lives, and well-being of your dependents (where applicable), for all decisions now and in the future.

Although I stand behind this work 100%, there is no guarantee of incomes of any sort.  As with all my work, you get what you apply and put in. 


Flights, Lodging, food, & travel insurance, covid testing, entertainment, or any other incidentals are not included in the price of this event.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: You agree to hold yourself in the highest conduct and behavior at all times. Own your triggers, your journey, and your transformation. We reserve the right to remove anyone that is displaying inappropriate behavior.  You agree to respect the privacy of the other attendees during all in person and online events. 

We request that no alcohol or other mind-altering recreational drugs are consumed at our events. 

CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: Due to the nature of in person events and the costs associated with them, we are unable to give refunds if you can’t make the intensive for any reason.   However, we understand that life happens.  If you need to cancel, we will credit what you paid for the event towards any of TheUniverseGuru LLC digital courses or future events as long as we are notified within 7 business days. 

You acknowledge that since we are not sellers of travel, we wouldn’t be able to be responsible or liable for other travel related expenses like flights, transportation, lodging, hotels, food, covid test, or any other incidentals etc. We STRONGLY recommend getting travel insurance to protect yourself and your trip.  You are only paying for the cost of attending our seminar during the specified date and time.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances in which we need to cancel the event; for example, state or federal lock downs, acts of war, acts of God, government policy changes, or anything else outside of our control we will issue a refund of the intensive enrollment fee you paid to sign up for this event.

If you received this intensive as part of a coaching package you will get your credit back to use for a future event if you can't attend as long as we are noticed within 7 days of event. 

Powerful Women Activate Other Women!

There is nothing like In Person Energy and Sisterhood!