A Conscious Kingdom Built on a Foundation of Divine Love Requires both A KING and A QUEEN...

Couscious Couples with Activated & Aligned Intelligent LOVE make Space for both the QUEEN (Goddess Consciousness) and the KING (God Consciousness) Merging in Sacred Divine Union......

  • Imagine knowing exactly what LOVE looks and feels like in everyday interactions. Unlock the Codes of Oh So-Sacredly Sexy, Intimate, Healthy, Conscious Relationships.

  • Imagine having no doubt in your mind that you are Loved and Deeply Supported in the Comfort, Safety, and Juiciness of a Romantic, Committed forever Marriage.

  • Activate Your Queen Consciousness and Transcend beyond the Noise of the Ego Mind, Blocks, and Limitations to Activate Love's True Limitless Potential.

A Conscious Union REQUIRES Your Presence, Your Voice, and Your Own Activation!

You get to have High Standards, Safety, Security, Romance, And ALL Your Desires met with Deep Mutual Respect, Divine Love, and Eternal Grace.

  • All 12 Lessons Immediately Available

    There are 3 Assigned Books for this Intensive that are Required Reading.

  • 5 Bonus Lessons

    Powerful Consciousness Upgrade Transmission!

Conscious Kingdoms Activated!

Testimonials from our Conscious Couple Graduates

  • Divine Activation

    "Mina, I have to tell you how much my husband and I love and adore you. Today he said tell your teacher “that she’s doing such great work. You’re making fantasies I didn’t even have come true.” You have impacted us so greatly. Thank you for everything. I’m reflecting back on the year and I’m living my dream life because of you." - J

  • Divine Activation

    "Conscious couples has taught me, along with all of Mina‘s programs, that it all begins with me! Changing my thought patterns, my reactions. That men are not out to get us, that not all men are toxic, they are just have male brains! As I do not live with a spouse, but I do have two adult sons, work in a very masculine male-dominated industry, and interactions with men in every day life, I am able to put what Mina has taught us into practice. (Fun story: my sister and I were at Lowe’s getting her some DIY supplies and as we were leaving a man offered to help push our stuff and load the car, I let him be the hero and thanked him. When he left and we got in the car she said ‘that never happens to me when I’m here alone’!) This is ancient wisdom, no matter how hard we try to conform to society’s new standards we are distinctly male and female. And we are wired to think and act differently, and now I know it’s okay! I thank God everyday for Mina to be able to share this wisdom in such a concise and practical way, and that is truly her gift! I have told her before she is like a mama bird feeding her chicks: She takes the most complicated information and breaks it down into bit size, easy to digest pieces!"- Lisa

  • Divine Activation

    "Mina. I used all the tools and mindset shifts and law of attraction and everything I’ve been learning from you and I got my man back! You changed my life and my son’s and his daddy’s." - Britt

I'm Ready to Activate My Queen Consciousnesses and Unlock the Relationship Dynamics that will Create Divine LOVE, Desire, and Awakening I DEEPLY DESIRE....

I am safe to allow LOVE in my life. I am now safe to allow love in my life. I am now safe to Love fully and be Loved. Thank you!

And So It Is!