Mina's High End Divinity Program...

Learn to Align your Female DNA with Your Feminine Consciousness...

Join Mina Irfan and Friends for our 4th Annual New Year Extravaganza Intensive 

ALCHEMY & ASCENSION 222- Activate & Amplify Your Power by Aligning your DNA, Brain, & Emotions with Your Feminine Desires.

Start the New Year with Powerful Activations, Mindsets, and Energies...

ReAlign with Your DNA's Natural way of Being and Doing...

We will be covering Powerful, Paradigm Shifting Information for the Female Soul. 

We will release the past Energies, Collect our wins, and integrate & Align our desires into our DNA.

As modern human females, we must learn to take our DNA with us! 

Learn the key Programming differences between males and females. 

Learn the destructive cycles our DNA and Instincts has us looping through year after year. (HINT: It used to serve us in ancient times but doesn't anymore!)

Learn why women communicate the way we do and what it has to do with our Ancestors.

Learn what ancient food barriers you must overcome to have the body if your dreams! 

Learn Emotional mastery skills that work with your feminine DNA codes not start masculine wars! 

Learn why self esteem does not come easily for women, and why we must rise above our genes to access confidence! 

And most importantly - we will learn to activate the ancient and new brain circuits that allow relationships to be EASY And FUN!!! Not combative! (HINT: They have known this in the EAST for centuries!)

Trust me you don't want to miss this one!! This Will forever change the way you view and engage with yourself. 

Please Note: This Intensive is bonused in for students of  High End Divinity Course. There is a code inside to upgrade to High End Divinity Course later if you desire.

Content is now digitally available for immediate replay. 

What the Alchemy & Ascension Grads had to say...

"It is a blessing to take any of Mina's courses, and to be live on the workshop in her presence and energy, absolutely mind blowing and fun and uplifting. After the 6 hour workshop, I feel energized and empowered. Some might say "it is a lot of money" but most of the times, one thing she says, in one moment, for the person who needs to hear it, just that sentence is worth the cost of the entire program, because of the impact it will have in their lives. We are ascended. I grew in consciousness, I received and gave love, I am definitely a step higher in my journey. I can say there is Anna before the workshop, and Anna after the workshop. Different persons already after 6 hours. Recommend with all my heart ALL that this Goddess joyfully creates for us. Thank you Mina for answering our questions at the end! and giving personal examples so we can relate, and gifting us even more content in the future. Ascension 222 is AWESOME!!!" - ANNA R.K.

Thank you so much Mina, the course was amazing! I feel I dove deeper into understanding my own brain sooo much better so I feel more trustful towards my intuition which was pointing me towards these clues . Moreover I now feel equipped to deal with these and am no longer feeling at their mercy or somehow "faulty". Such freedom! Many hugs sent your way!.  Thanks again -Julia

After finding Mina on her YouTube channel, I realized that I was suffering from extreme burnout at work (having the limiting belief that this was normal!). Since finding her channel, I have started my process of healing, learning to love life again, and being able to enjoy play! This Alchemy & Ascension Intensive is incredible if you are looking for an evolutionary perspective on how we experience life in this westernized, production-focused society. Mina offers practical information for how to get back in alignment with our DNA and optimize living as a woman in our current society. I am blessed that I was able to experience this intensive and recommend it for those at any stage of life as it is filled with relevant information for all.  -L. M.

"Whenever I hit rock bottom Minas teachings always help me to not just get back up but QUANTUM LEAP!!! I came in late on the intensive and wasn't focused and centered in my being but with every spoken word I can just feel the cells in my body slowly but surely repairing, feeling centered and coming back online. Haven't relistened the course to its entirety yet but I am already healing.~TH"

Amazing intensive.. it normalized my feelings of unsafety that I constantly feel.. I feel I have been kicked out of many tribes for shining. Women at the office.. jealousy from sister.  I feel it all made sense why I kept my self small.  Also made sense why I am not manifesting bc I feel that I will feel even more alone.. I was journaling and it came up that I like to be in my comfort zone and don’t want to open up to men.. I manifested weight and debt so that I would be unlovable so that I feel safe. -PrettyL

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A Sneak Peak at the Alchemy & Ascension Course Curriculum

This course is 7.5 hours of video content (444 minutes) plus Homework & Inner work Prompts.

    1. Welcome! **Start Here***

    2. Playshop One, Part 1 Our Female Instincts

    3. Playshop One, Part 2 Communication

    4. Playshop Two, Multi-Dimensional focus

    5. Playshop Three: Self Esteem

    6. Playshop Three Part 2: Relational Circuit Online vs Offline

    7. Playshop Four Tribal Energy & Togetherness

    8. Q&A

    9. Eating the Homo Sapien Way

    10. The Divine Feminine Art of Alchemy & Ascension

    11. BONUS: Third Eye Meditation

    12. BONUS Homework - Journal Prompts

    13. BONUS: Turning FEAR into Divine Feminine FIRE

    14. BONUS: The Power of Deciding

    15. Upgrade to Aligned as Femm Code

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