In Two Hours From Now You Can Know the Exact Attraction Secrets to Take Your Stale, Stalled Exhausting Relationship to Enchanted Love

Learn Exactly How to Inspire Your Cold, Distant, & Withdrawn Man into.....

  • More Attention, Affection, & Communication

  • More Effort & Romance From His Side

  • More Trust & Balance of Duties in Your Relationship

  • A Feeling of Contentment and Security in Your Relationship

  • More Calls, Dates, and Talks About Future Planning from Him Without any Convincing from You.

So What's on the other End of this Potent Romance Attraction Portal

  • Video Content

    Over 2 hours of video content with intensive training on how to turn your relationship around. Learn how to Arouse your man’s natural Instincts to chase and pursue you. Arouse his gut level ATTRACTION and OBSESSION towards you. Understand how men experience love and how that is very different than how we Experience Love.

  • Notes & Playsheets

    Notes & Playsheets to help you reflect and implement your new Love & Attraction Skills and Dynamics.

  • Embodiment Exercises & Tools

    Featuring Exercises and Tools that help you Connect with your Feminine Energy and Power!

What Your Divine Sisters are saying about this Powerful Attraction Vortex

  • Divine Testimonial

    "I was working way hard in my marriage and my husband was making no time for me. Within days this shifted after I started working on this program." -Rakhee

  • Divine Testimonial

    "Mina, I'm sure you hear this all the time but need to say it anyways. Your work has changed my life! I can't believe how attentive and loving my man is now! Mind completely blown. He has been bringing up marriage!" -Tonya

  • Divine Testimonial

    "After 20 years of a ho hum relationship, I didn't think there was much hope for us. Boy was I wrong! Mina insisted that I take this program and I'm so glad I took her advice! He rushes home after work now and is taking me out on romantic dates and getaways! It's like he isn't even the same man! I am learning to invest more and more in my self now! Thank you Mina!" - Aliya

I'm Ready to Inspire Love, Attraction, & Romance

I'm Worthy of Love, Affection, & Romance and I'm willing to Lovingly Invest in My Growth & Development

And So It Is!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Important Message About The Course

  • 2

    Section I: Mindset & My Story

    • Section I Video

    • Notes I

    • Playsheet I

  • 3

    Section II: Feminine vs Masculine Energy

    • Section II Video

    • Notes II

    • Playsheet II

  • 4

    Section III: Exercises, Man Myths, & Type of Woman

    • Section III Video

    • Notes III

    • Exercises and Tools To Transition into Feminine Energy

  • 5

    Section IV: Arousing His Natural Instincts to Chase & Obsess Over You

    • Section IV Video

    • Notes IV

    • Playsheet IV

  • 6

    Section V: Mothering, Criticizing, & The Art of Feminine Communication

    • Section V

    • Notes V

    • Playsheet V