Calling All Divine Sacred Women Looking to Up-Level Their Stale Relationships!

Intensive Masterclass on everything you need to know on arousing his deep, gut level attraction towards you. Decode the mystery behind how men experience love and become magnetically attractive to him!

Is your man completely withdrawn, cold, and distant?

Maybe everything seems fine from the outside but the ROMANCE and PASSION has long gone from your relationship?

You have probably tried everything under the sun to try to win him back. Losing weight, having RELATIONSHIP talks, even planning romantic dinners but nothing seems to stick for long.

He continues to ignore you.

Maybe he focuses more on his work, the kids, the TV, or his phone.

Never plans ROMANTIC dates or is affectionate towards you in the way you desire.

He doesn’t initiate romantic texts, calls, SEX, and never says he loves you.

Despite all your efforts, he just gets more and more distant and withdrawn.

If any of this sounds familiar then you know how frustrated I felt when this happened to me! I was so confused when the man that swept me off my feet suddenly grew cold and distant after MARRIAGE. The more I tried to “fix” things, the more he withdrew from me.

Just when I had given up hope of ever having PASSIONATE, romantic love in my life, I discovered the formula that AROUSED my husband’s deep love and passion towards me. Using the tools I lay out in this masterclass, I was able to go from being completely unseen to being the center of his universe. 

Learn how to arouse your man’s natural instincts to chase and pursue you.

Arouse his gut level ATTRACTION and OBSESSION towards you.

Understand how men experience love and how that is very different than how we experience love.

After putting the tools in this masterclass in action, here are the results you can expect:

More attention and communication from your partner.

More effort and romance from his side.

More calls, dates, and talks about future planning from him without any effort from you.

More trust and balance of duties in your marriage.

A feeling of contentment and security in your relationship

What you get in this program:

Over 2 hours of video content with intensive training on how to turn your relationship around. 

Notes for each section packed with both the key points from the video trainings as well as new information, tools and tips to learn and apply the material efficiently. 

Featuring exercises and tools that help you connect with your feminine energy and power!

Playsheets to help you reflect and implement these tools.

*Since this is a digital product there will no returns or refunds.


TheUniverseGuru LLC is not a mental/medical health practitioner or mental/medical health provider and is not holding itself out to be in any capacity.  TheUniverseGuru LLC is not providing counseling or therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical or mental ailment.  TheUniverseGuru LLC is a coach, mentor, and guide who helps you reach your own goals through positive, healthy methods that give you the option to create lifestyle changes.

Course Curriculum

Important Message About The Course
Section I: Mindset & My Story
Section II: Feminine vs Masculine Energy
Section IV: Arousing His Natural Instincts to Chase & Obsess Over You
Section V: Mothering, Criticizing, & The Art of Feminine Communication

What's included?

7 Videos
11 Texts
Mina Irfan
Mina Irfan
Spiritual Life-stylist

About the instructor

Mina Irfan is a Spiritual Lifestylist, Personal Power Alchemist, and Fierce Frequency Activator here to help you CLAIM & embody your Divine right to riches and Abundance in all areas of your life. 

Here is the truth….It’s not really Abundance if Divine Love isn’t flowing through ALL areas of your life! 

Perhaps you are successful and rocking your work life…but not so prosperous in your health and love life…..

It’s time to claim and evoke a new Frequency….

It’s time to Raise and Illuminate your Vibration….

Access a Deeper Mind…..Level of Consciousness….

One that Claims and Embodies the Potent Power of Abundance in ALL areas of life…..with Divine Guidance as your Compass….and Yours truly as your soul sister guide….

You can’t serve yourself, your family, community, humanity and the collective consciousness until you claim your full Divinity and co-create a Force of Abundance and Riches in all areas of your Being…

Welcome to your Next Level Evolution….Welcome to High End Divinity.


Mina Irfan 

Mina has a degree in Philosophy and Communications from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. 


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