This High Vibration MEGA BUNDLE has been affectionately called the "Netflix" of Feminine Energy Trainings!

It's Like an MBA in FEMININE ENERGY. Over 60 Hours of High Vibration Content! Unleash the Magnetic Appeal of Feminine Energy in your Life!

Real, Naked, Raw.

Next Level.

Femininity Embodied.

First there was information, and then there was Embodiment.

Feminine Energy Embodiment Teacher, Mina Irfan Presents, 

The Mega Bundle of Feminine Energy

over 60 hours of binge worthy, high consciousness content.

Over 60 hours of Recorded Training Sessions on Feminine Energy, Relationships, Spirituality and More to get to Past the Self Aware Barbie Stage! 

What others are saying:

For those of you that haven’t yet joined the High Value Babes Club, don’t hesitate. We had our first live call this morning and it was amazing. I can’t wait to hear about the breakthroughs that I know will be inevitable among these women. So many of us in real life don’t have women that we can have intimate conversations with about what is happening in our lives and these topics we are interested in. This group already feels like a place where we can join together and hold space for one another in a very safe environment. Thank you so much, Mina. I have no doubt I was divinely led to you just in time to join along on this journey. -Misty

High value babes club is for all the ladies who are looking for truly accepting, encouraging the transformation from inside out. I never felt so free of the judgements I have imposed on myself. Thank you Mina. - Rakhee

Wow!!!  Just finished the 1st Babe's session and it IS live coaching on the topic at hand. I am so thankful I didn't allow my reservations of joining stop me from joining. The price goes up tomorrow so just try it for one month. If it's not for you, just unsubscribe to the club of AWESOMEness and JUICYness. Today's topic went beyond the title of discussion. It was vulnerable, honest, and without judgement. Thank You Mina Irfan! - Cherline

For all the ladies that are on the fence I encourage you to join. It is a place of encouragement, growth and intimate conversations we all crave. I was on the fence myself but am glad I joined! - Famina

Training calls Cover the Following Feminine Embodiment Topics:

Feminine Embodiment

Feminine Energy

Confidence & Self Esteem

Dealing with Emotional Triggers

Self Care & Grooming

Subconscious Reprogramming

Positive Thinking and Affirmations

Healing Through Wounded Feminine Energy

Intentional Living

Effective Communication

High Vibration Relationships

Navigating Difficult relationships

Feminine Boundaries

Time Management & Goal Setting

Sexuality & More!

Binge Over 60 hours of Feminine Energy Content never seen anywhere before!

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I am ready to step into the magic and nourishment of my Feminine Energy!

I am Ready to have lifetime access to this High Vibration MEGA course with over 60 hours of the "Netlix of Feminine Energy" trainings.

Activate my Femininity!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Feminine Energy 101

    • Feminine & Masculine Energy 101

    • Divine Feminine In Modern Life

    • 7 Feminine Energy Healing Rituals

    • High Value Permission Slip

  • 2

    Guide to High Value Dating

    • Guide to High Value Dating

  • 3

    Guide to High Value Sex

    • Guide To High Value Sex

  • 4

    High Value Guide to Affirmations

    • WORTHY Being Self -Care AFFIRMATIONS

  • 5

    The Art of High Value Communication

    • The Art of Feminine Communication

    • Art of Feminine Communication Worksheet

  • 6

    Feminine Embodiment and Inspire Masculine Energy

    • 10 Ways to Inspire Masculine Energy

    • The Art of Feminine Embodiment

  • 7

    Harmonious Relationships

    • Toxic vs Harmonious Relationships

    • Healthy Relationships Reflection Worksheet

    • Bullet Proof Confidence

    • Sweet, Sexy Surrender

    • Sweet, Sexy Surrender Parting Notes

    • Mini-Session: How to Be Authentic

    • Mini-Session: How to be Sexy & Seductive

  • 8

    High Value Queen - Mini Series

    • Episode 1: Elevate Yourself by Flirting with Life

    • Episode 2: Feminine Softness

    • Episode 3: Glitter, Glamour, and Sparkle at any Age

    • Episode 4: Emotional Stability

    • Episode 5: Facing Your Fears

    • Episode 6: Calculated, Conscious Courage

  • 9

    Neediness and Natural Consequences

    • From Needy & Clingy to Bewitching & Enchanting (Video)

    • From Needy & Clingy to Bewitching & Enchanting (Audio only)

    • Feminine Softness & Natural Consequences (Video)

    • Feminine Softness & Natural Consequences (Audio)

    • Glitter, Shine, & Lean Back

  • 10

    Feminine Friendships and Difficult Situations

    • Feminine Friendships and Witnessing Others

    • Feminine Goddess: Communicating, Negotiating, & Connecting

    • Feminine in Difficult and Stressful Situations

  • 11

    Turning on Your Feminine - Mini Series

    • Feminine vs Masculine Meditation Styles

    • Feminine Grounding

  • 12

    Leaning Back and Make Him Your Love Slave

    • When Leaning Back Backfires

    • When Leaning Back Backfires (Audio Only)

    • How to Make Him Your Love Slave Using Feminine Energy

    • How to Make Him Your Love Slave using Feminine Energy Time (Audio Only)

    • The Ins and Outs of Femininity

    • The Ins and Outs of Femininity (Audio Only)

  • 13

    Bonus Training: Magnetic Abundance: Using the Law of Attraction, Science, & Meditation to Become Magnetic

    • Video Presentation

    • Audio Only

  • 14

    Dream Girl Vibes Program

    • Module 1: Male/Female Brain Differences

    • Module 1: Audio Only

    • Module 2: The World of Heroes and Connecting with his Heart

    • Module 2: Audio Only

    • Module 3: Makings of a Dream Girl

    • Module 3: Audio Only

  • 15

    Feminine Radiance Makeover

    • How to Turn on Your Feminine Radiance

    • How to Turn on Your Feminine Radiance (Audio Only)

    • Feminine Sensuality

    • Feminine Sensuality (Audio Only)

    • How to Flirt Like A Babe

    • How to Flirt Like A Babe (Audio Only)

  • 16

    Using Intelligent Love to Create Conscious Couples

    • Free Bonus Masterclass: Using Intelligent Love to Create Conscious Couples

    • Awakening the Body’s Intelligence

    • How to Create Mystery

    • Finding Your Feminine Voice

  • 17

    Seductive Communication

    • Voice and Listening Embodiment Training

    • Seductive Communication: Your Communication Questions Answered

    • Sacred Communication Program 3: Appreciation and Dialing it Up

    • Bonus Q&A

  • 18

    Feminine Charm School

    • Feminine Charm Program 1

    • Feminine Charm 2

    • Feminine Charm 3

    • Bonus Q&A

  • 19

    Feminine Intentions

    • Feminine Intentions: Setting up Intentions

    • Feminine Intentions: Ritualize your intentions

    • Feminine Intentions: Up-Level Your Intentions

    • BONUS: Love Languages with Feminine Flair

  • 20

    Dating/Relationships with Dignity

    • Dating with Dignity

    • Qualities Men Adore

    • Red Flags and Boundaries

    • Bonus Q&A

  • 21

    Feminine Friendships

    • Feminine Friendships

    • Feminine in the Workplace and Business

    • Feminine Sexuality and Putting Him in A Tantric Trance

  • 22

    The Timeless Feminine

    • The Timeless Feminine

    • The Art of Feminine Creation

    • Feminine Abundance

  • 23

    The Feminine Identity

    • The Feminine ID

    • The Hypnotic Art of Teasing

    • How to be Playful

  • 24

    Intimacy vs Polarity & 1st Book Club

    • How to Create Polarity

    • Intimacy Decoded

    • Babe Book Club Session One

  • 25

    Limiting Beliefs, Forgiveness, & Letting Go

    • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

    • From Limiting Beliefs to Limitless Workbook

    • Letting Go and Forgiveness

    • Book Club 2 & Q&A

  • 26

    Elevated Surrender & Presence

    • Surrender through Presence

    • Rituals and Loving Every Moment

    • Book Club 3 & Q&A

  • 27

    Frequencies of God Consciousness & Joy

    • The Frequency of God Consciousness

    • The Frequency of JOY

  • 28

    Well Being and Inner Support System

    • Frequency of Well Being

    • Well-Being Affirmations

    • Well-Being Journal Prompts

    • Deep Inner Support System

    • Handing Over Problems System

    • Babes Club 4 Q&A & Book Club

  • 29

    The Soul’s Purpose

    • What is your Soul’s Purpose?

    • Soul's Purpose Journal Prompts

    • Soul Families & Soul Lessons

    • Cord Cutting Invocation

    • Q&A - Angel Guides & Receiving Abundance & Guidance

  • 30


    • The Art of Completion with Mina Irfan