Admit it, you just need some ass kickery to finally get off your behind and make this thing happen....

Well, I am fully available to do that for you, because girl, I have heard all them damn excuses and am so over it!

The question is, are you over yourself yet?

Are you sick and tired of dreaming, plotting, desiring, waiting, aligning, and then NOTHING.....

Well, girl, we are tired for you!

The truth is there will never be a perfect time.

The sun, moon, and stars do not have to align for you to birth it, create it, and launch it!

The celestial bodies, heavens, earth, angels, and all the cosmic powers that be are actually waiting on you!

If you are sick and tired of waiting on your dreams and ready to decide and create..... Then this is for you! 


Birth it Already, Bish!

30 Days of Transmissions to kick your behind into gear!

A Transmission is a Potent and Powerful Soul Activation!

30 days of Mina sharing activating content on a variety of topics like social media, communication, being seen, messaging, dropping the struggle, brain science, letting it be easy, sales, karmic marketing, manifesting, and more!

Think of this as a 30 Day Crash Course in all things Social Media, Creation, Tribe Building, And Launching Your Baby into the world! 

Come as you are, leave with your behind (and the rest of you) fully activated and ready to do the damn thing already!

What you get:

A new audio or written transmissions of ass kickery to align your butt into gear for 30 days straight.

BONUS: Rich AF Masterclass

PLUS other Bonus transmissions

Lifetime access.

Bish, Get Over Yourself and Birth it Already!

I am ready for my 30 days of Ass Whoopery! Extended payment plans available at checkout!