Call in Your Masculine Provider in Divine Union.

Love is the Highest Vibration in The Universe. Divine Union between the Healthy Feminine and Healthy Masculine is of High Service to Humanity.

The world needs more healthy relationships on the planet holding the vibration of Divine Love.

It is your birth right to be in Divine Union with Healthy Masculine Energy and Healthy Masculine Men.

You get to become an Energetic Match for the Vibration of Love and Healthy Masculine Men. 

This Divine Work changes everything.

Suitable for all women - whether in relationship, single, or married.

High Vibration, High Service Divine Downloads will forever transmute, transform, and evolve your relationship with the Universal Feminine and Universal Masculine Energies. 

The way you show up will evolve.  

The way men show up for you will evolve.

The way life's abundant blessings show up for you will evolve. 

Introducing, Mina Irfan's, Divine Potent Work in.....

Divine Union Love Vibration Course

Living in the High End Energy of LOVE.

Over 19 Hours of BONUS Trainings!

PLUS: 2 Hours of the Brand New How to be His Feminine Oracle available immediately


This Powerful training teaches you how to use your energy, words, and the "Language of the Gods" to meta update your partner to agree with your desires and decisions.

For Divine Union course:
This is the best thing I’ve ever purchased for myself because it has been tremendously healing, inspiring, reassuring, and confidence boosting. As a currently single woman, I feel this sacred container is carrying me with love into a magical future better than I could have ever previously dreamed of. I had been afraid of choosing the wrong man or messing up a future marriage, but now feel secure in myself and my ability to make the best choices for me. Every new Q&A and live session further blows my mind and continues to raise the value of this program for me beyond my comprehension. THANK YOU, MINA!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  -CC

Divine Union Love Vibration Course Will Help You Call in Your Provider...

What You Will Learn & Embody...

Heal Your Relationship with your personal and collective Divine Feminine Wound.

Heal Your Relationship with your personal and collective Divine Masculine Wound.

Evolve your understanding of healthy men.

Learn what healthy relationships look and feel life.

Learn why Feminine Energy is the more "Expensive" and "Luxury" energy and men will do anything to protect it.

Learn how to clear and create Space in your emotional body to attract your Provider/Protector King.

Learn how to control your emotions around men and activate his emotional response instead! 

Learn how to activate his gut level emotional response for you.

Learn how to become the type of woman, healthy men want to provider for, protect, and adore for life.

Embody the vibrations of Divine Love and Divine Union, the way the Divine intended for us to live in harmony. 

How to get him to agree with your desires and decisions and let it be his idea!  Talk about win win!

Over 19 Hours of BONUS trainings!! 


7 core foundational lessons with inner work prompts

3 Recorded bonus Q&A sessions

19 hours of bonus trainings of paradigm shifting relational concepts.

BONUS: Available Immediately, 2 Hour Intensive on How to Become his Feminine Oracle!! Learn to speak through your embodiment and meta update him to your desires and decisions.

New for 2022: LIFE CYCLE OF A KING PROVIDER - 2 Hour class on how boys become men.

May Divine Blessings and Abundance come back to you 11 folds of your investment into Divine Love.

She got the ring on the 7th date!

Conscious Kingdoms Activated!

Testimonials from our Conscious Couple Graduates

  • Divine Activation

    "Mina, I have to tell you how much my husband and I love and adore you. Today he said tell your teacher “that she’s doing such great work. You’re making fantasies I didn’t even have come true.” You have impacted us so greatly. Thank you for everything. I’m reflecting back on the year and I’m living my dream life because of you." - J

  • Divine Activation

    "Conscious couples has taught me, along with all of Mina‘s programs, that it all begins with me! Changing my thought patterns, my reactions. That men are not out to get us, that not all men are toxic, they are just have male brains! As I do not live with a spouse, but I do have two adult sons, work in a very masculine male-dominated industry, and interactions with men in every day life, I am able to put what Mina has taught us into practice. (Fun story: my sister and I were at Lowe’s getting her some DIY supplies and as we were leaving a man offered to help push our stuff and load the car, I let him be the hero and thanked him. When he left and we got in the car she said ‘that never happens to me when I’m here alone’!) This is ancient wisdom, no matter how hard we try to conform to society’s new standards we are distinctly male and female. And we are wired to think and act differently, and now I know it’s okay! I thank God everyday for Mina to be able to share this wisdom in such a concise and practical way, and that is truly her gift! I have told her before she is like a mama bird feeding her chicks: She takes the most complicated information and breaks it down into bit size, easy to digest pieces!"- Lisa

  • Divine Activation

    "Mina. I used all the tools and mindset shifts and law of attraction and everything I’ve been learning from you and I got my man back! You changed my life and my son’s and his daddy’s." - Britt

I'm Ready to Crush Generational Curses and DNA Distortions to Manifest Legacy Love

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Become an Energetic Match for Divine Love

Relationships Transformed!

Divine Testimonials from Women Who Have Up-Leveled Their Relationship Consciousness

  • Divine Testimonial

    "Ladies, I want to share with you that I always wished that my hubby would go on romantic weekends with me. He never wanted 🙁 and I wasn’t able to communicate my desire and needs without ending in a fight. I learned through the work with Mina so much about communication and female - male dynamics. Shortly after the 90 day relationship Program he planned some days in Rome for us 😍. And now, about 14 days later, he planned a weekend in Madrid ❤️. I am so happy and thankful Mina ❤️ and I want to thank this group also, you are so helpful and kind and we can learn from each other" 💕 -Julia

  • Divine Testimonial

    "It never even occurred to me that my husband and I would be having a completely different experience until you started teaching this subject Mina. And now that I am learning how to put these concepts into practice, the dynamic is shifting in a big way. 90 Day relationship rehab is worth it’s weight in gold." - A. B.

  • Divine Testimonial

    "I have 90 Day relationship rehab and watched over 12 times husband is head over heels, i always wanted to thank you for all of your wisdom but somehow never got to it, this year i am focusing on me and my blocks with the High Value Worthy Woman Ascension, thanks a million." - F.A

***payment plan option available at checkout for US residents using Affirm, Klarna, or Afterpay.

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