Can't wait to read Mina's upcoming book?

Want to be a part of the co-creation process?

Want to be the first to see the title, book cover, and exclusive looks inside the book before it's release?

What to be involved in the content suggestion and book gridding process?

Do you know in the depth of your heart that you manifested this book?

Do you desire to learn how to channel universal knowledge!

Join us in the exclusive Channeled book club!

As you know, I don't always get the full downloads of the becoming of something but take action anyways..

My heart is wanting to share the entire process of the book we co-created together...

I don't know for sure everything that will be included in Channeled at the moment, but I know it will be exactly what we need individually and collectively.

You will have lifetime access to all content in this book club and any future additions I add, for example the process of recording our audiobook will be added as we expand our book offerings.

Come Co-Create the Book we called in together…

What I’m Being called to Offer at the moment....

  • Learn exactly how channeling works...

  • My entire feminine and masculine process of channeling, writing, editing, and publishing my new “Savage” book.

  • Name, book cover, and title name reveals before anyone else sees it!

  • Exclusive excerpts from the book.

  • Exclusive chapter parties with more in depth information after book is released.

  • Chance to be a beta-reader and get your review published inside the book! (we will select a few people for this)

  • Lifestime access to all future modules as more versions of the book are offered. For example: Companion Journal and Audiobook.

  • Help decide which chapter from this book gets to be it's own next book!

The book we all called in....

Is awaiting your final touches....

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    I Manifested This!