An Electrifying Journey into the Divinely Rich, Abundant COSMIC Field...

The Most Potent Attraction Vortex Available on this Planetary Realm! Learn From High Preistess and Manifestation Queen, Mina Irfan's Personal 14 Year Embodied Experience.

  • Decode the Divine Source of Bliss and Where Abundance Actually Comes From

  • Uncover how to Electrocute the moment with your Feminine Magnetically Command and Invoke Your Desires into Physical Manifestation. No Pushing or Efforting Needed

  • Unlock How to Bewitch and Electrocute the Quantum Field with your Fierce & Fabulous Frequencies

Cosmic Gossip & Myths Crushed In this Vivacious Vortex

Someone's Definitely Been Hating on the Quantum Field. Activate Your Deep Inner Knowing by Crushing these Big Fat Fear Based Misconceptions!

  • Quantum Field vs God

    As shakespeare said, "A rose by any other name....". You get the drift? God is god whether we refer to our one infinite creator as The Divine, Source, the Quantum Field, or any of the other thousands of references. This work DOES NOT contradict religion. In fact hundreds of women have credited Mina Irfan for strengthening their original belief systems and faith.

  • Abundance vs Money

    Do you really care if what you desire manifests through gifts, money, trading goats, or some other divine miracle? I mean, a manifestation is a manifestation right? Some people get so caught up in, "but I don't have the money" that they basically end up showing the quantum field the finger and screwing up their desires.

  • Flow vs Hard Work

    It's literally the decade of 2020 activation. So if you're still lost in the working hard, pushing, forcing paradigm, I'm sending in help! We gotta get you out of hustle mode, Luscious lady, and into the Magic of Flow!

I'm Ready to Step into the Quantum Realm

I am one with Divine Love. I am one with Divine Source. I am one with Abundance. I am one with Wealth. I am one with happiness. I am one with Bliss. Thank You. And so it is.

Activate My Quantum Leap

High Priestess & Manifestation Queen

Mina Irfan

Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor

Mina Irfan

Mina Irfan's work is a divine marriage between Femininity, Meta-Physics, and Spirituality. Mina stands for taking full personal responsibility for your life, finding alignment with your truest desires, and being a co-creator of your own life path.