Feminine Voice Mastery

Rediscovering your Feminine Voice

The feminine voice is incredibly powerful. It's not what's said, but how it's said that registers most by the human brain. If everyone around you gets tense, defensive, or triggered every time you speak, chances are you are not embodying the feminine voice. 

I have spend an entire year working diligently on releasing the anxiety that had been trapped in my voice.  My thousands of followers and students have noticed on the drastic change in my voice and tone.  Let me teach you how you can do the same and forever change the way people relate to you.


Voice lessons on mastering your natural feminine voice and tone.

Homework assignments and practices that will help you embody what you learn.


Why you have lost your natural feminine voice

How to rediscover it 

How to speak in a feminine tone without sounding fake

How to slow down speech if you speak to fast

How to speak up if you speak too softly

How to speak in a manner that makes others want to listen deeply

How to use your voice to become magnetic  

BONUS: How to use your Sex Kitten voice to be an Invitation to the Divine Masculine in your life! 

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Feminine Voice Mastery

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Mina Irfan
Mina Irfan
Life Coach

About the instructor

Mina Irfan is a High Value Life Coach who teaches women to fall back in love with their divine nature. A believer in the abundant Universe, Mina's work is based on practical spirituality, the power of an intentional lifestyle plan, and creating conscious couples using intelligent love. 

Mina and her husband Irfan have been married for 10 years and have 3 beautiful kids.  They have been featured on the Dave Ramsey and His and Her Money Show for creating a multiple 7 figure net worth together using their High Value Lifestyle skills. 

Mina has a degree in Philosophy and Communications from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. 

Website: http://bit.ly/2zVyhbm