Feminine Voice Mastery

Activate the Magic of your Feminine Voice

All sounds carry powerful sound vibrations that resonate with all others in our Energetic & Quantum Field.

Is your voice and tone creating resonance and harmony or dissonance and disharmony as it engages with the field around you and nervous systems of your loved ones, clients, and colleagues?

This isn't about simply "changing" your voice from the same place of disembodiment.  That will actually make you appear very inauthentic and untrustworthy to others.

It's about deep, high definition embodiment of your true sound vibration. 

🌺IMAGINE using the MAGICAL ALLURE & ACTIVATION of your Voice, Tone, Intentional words and Sizzling Sensuality to create a HYPNOTIC effect on men, women, children, animals, and even plant life! 

Have you wondered why some women seem to have everyone MESMERIZED - as if in some kind of a TRANCE?

How would it feel to use a sound vibration that communicates Divine Consciousness?

Your actual words are only a small part of the equation - Your Voice Embodiment is a much larger pie of the Divine Pie!  

“All Successful Communication is hypnosis”.
-Milton H. Erickson

The Feminine voice is incredibly powerful. It's not what's said, but how it's said that registers most by the human brain and energetic bodies. If everyone around you gets tense, defensive, or triggered every time you speak, chances are you are not radiating in the The True Power of the Embodied Feminine Voice. 


Voice lessons on mastering your natural feminine voice and tone.

Homework assignments and practices that will help you embody what you learn.


Why you have lost your natural feminine voice

How to rediscover it 

How to speak in a feminine tone without sounding fake

How to slow down speech if you speak to fast

How to speak up if you speak too softly

How to speak in a manner that makes others want to listen deeply

How to use your voice to become magnetic  

Intentional use of exploding HIGH ENERGY words that put men in an hypnotic trance  (men LOVE it!)

BONUS: How to use your Sex Kitten voice to be an Invitation to the Divine Masculine in your life! 

When and How to use Your Empowered Activated Feminine Voice to get people inspired and motivated to take action!

Please Note: Email access or one on one Mentoring is NOT included with this digital program. 

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TheUniverseGuru LLC is not a mental/medical health practitioner or mental/medical health provider and is not holding itself out to be in any capacity.  TheUniverseGuru LLC is not providing counseling or therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical or mental ailment.  TheUniverseGuru LLC is a Life Stylist, Mentor, and Guide who helps you reach your own goals through activating your own Personal Power via positive, healthy methods that give you the option to create lifestyle changes.  

Activate The Hypnotic Power of My Voice!

Feminine Voice Mastery

Uplevel to the Sacred Feminine Spiritual Intensive

Sacred FEMININE Spiritual Awakening Intensive
Mina Irfan
Mina Irfan
Spiritual Life-stylist

About the instructor

Mina Irfan is a Spiritual Lifestylist, Personal Power Alchemist, and Fierce Frequency Activator here to help you CLAIM & embody your Divine right to riches and Abundance in all areas of your life. 

Here is the truth….It’s not really Abundance if Divine Love isn’t flowing through ALL areas of your life! 

Perhaps you are successful and rocking your work life…but not so prosperous in your health and love life…..

It’s time to claim and evoke a new Frequency….

It’s time to Raise and Illuminate your Vibration….

Access a Deeper Mind…..Level of Consciousness….

One that Claims and Embodies the Potent Power of Abundance in ALL areas of life…..with Divine Guidance as your Compass….and Yours truly as your soul sister guide….

You can’t serve yourself, your family, community, humanity and the collective consciousness until you claim your full Divinity and co-create a Force of Abundance and Riches in all areas of your Being…

Welcome to your Next Level Evolution….Welcome to High End Divinity.


Mina Irfan 

Mina has a degree in Philosophy and Communications from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. 

Website: www.theuniverseguru.com