Activate the Magic of Your Feminine Voice Vibrations and Sacred Sounds. High Definition Embodiment of your True Sound Vibration

All Sounds carry Powerful Vibrations that Resonate with all others in our Energetic & Quantum Field.

  • Is your Voice and Tone Creating Resonance and Harmony or Dissonance and Repelling Energy as it Engages with the Field and Nervous Systems of your Loved Ones, Clients, and Colleagues?

  • This isn't about simply "Changing" your Voice from a place of Disembodiment. That will Actually make you Appear very Inauthentic and Untrustworthy to Others. It's about Deep, High DEFINITION Embodiment of your True Sound Vibration.

  • Have you Wondered why some Women seem to have everyone MESMERIZED - as if in some kind of a TRANCE?

IMAGINE using the MAGICAL ALLURE & ACTIVATION of your Voice, Tone, Intentional Words and Sizzling Sensuality to create a HYPNOTIC effect on Men, Women, Children, Animals, and even Plant Life!

Learn to Use Potent Sound Vibrations that Harmonizes and Resonates with the Quantum Field and the Energies of Others. The Feminine Voice is Incredibly Powerful. It's not what's said, but how it's said that registers most by the human brain and energetic bodies. If everyone around you gets tense, defensive, or triggered every time you speak, chances are you are not radiating in the True Authentic Power of the Embodied Feminine Voice.

  • 12 Powerful Voice Lessons & Embodiment Practices

    PLUS Learn to Use Explosive HIGH ENERGY words that put Men in an Hypnotic Trance (and Everyone Else too!). Actual List Included!

  • Journaling Prompts and Rich Assignments

    BONUS Unlock your Sex Kitten Voice to Become an Invitation to the Divine Masculine in your Life!

  • Get People to Take ACTION with the Intentional Switch of Your Sound Vibration

    Uncover When and How to use Your Empowered ACTIVATED Feminine Voice to get people inspired and motivated to take action! KEY - Feminine Voice is NOT one size fits all situations!

Course curriculum

    1. Lesson 1: The Disembodied Voice

    2. Lesson 2: Feminine Voice embodiment

    3. Lesson 3: Feminine Voice Practice

    4. Lesson 4: Voice Practice Session

    5. Lesson 5: Sex Kitten Voice

    6. Lesson 6: Opening Your Heart Practice

    7. Lesson 6: Opening Your Heart Practice Audio

    8. Lesson 7: Spell-Bound: The Feminine Trance Audio

    9. Lesson 8: The Hypnotic Power of Words Audio

    10. Lesson 9: The Activated Empowered Feminine Voice (Audio Lesson)

    11. Lesson 10: Receptive Voice vs Commanding Voice

    12. Lesson 11: Your Lingering Vocal Vibration

    13. Lesson 12: The Chakra Voice Effect

About this course

  • $333.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content