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The Girl's Trip for Women looking for Deeply Potent, Alignment Activating, Sacred Spiritual Inner Work

2 Full Days Immersion with one of the Industry's Most Potent Spiritual Activator, Mina Irfan 

August 2-4, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale/Miami Area! 

Join Mina Irfan as we take Modern Femininity and Relationships into the Depths of the Sacred Feminine

Calling all Women who want wholeness within themselves

Calling all Women who crave Deep Spiritual Awakening

Calling all women who Desire Deep Love and the Presence of a Conscious man

Calling all Modern Women !

Offline is the New Online!  

Most of us are tired of shallow level relating over screens.  We are craving DEPTH and RAVISHMENT in our Social, Spiritual, and Romantic life

Remember - The Feminine was the original social media! Wanting deep Connection is the Feminine birth right! 

It's time to reclaim our POWER of Femininity and come out of hiding!

This is the GIRL'S TRIP for ladies of all ages on a mission of deep Inner Awakening and Knowing.

Come feel the Aliveness and Energy of the DIVINE FEMININE with your Spiritual Sisters as we cultivate deep, tender parts of ourselves.

PLEASE NOTE: Do to the intimate nature of this work - I only have a limited number of spots available.

Who is this Immersion for?

Both Single and Married Women looking for deeper Love and Consciousness within themselves and in all their relationships. 

Any women who has achieved some level in success in one or two parts of life but deeply feels like something is missing inside.

Any Women looking to ignite the flame that she intuits once burned deep within her SOUL. 

What will we Learn?

How to Raise Your Vibration and Ignite your Manifesting MAGIC in all parts of your life....

The difference between shallow level relating and Fierce Frequency DEEP Spiritual Ravishment...

How to HARNESS both your feminine and masculine energies.

Why femininity is not just about being demur, leaning back, and speaking less!

The makings of a Abundantly Aligned CONSCIOUS relationship and what to look for in a man!

How to AWAKEN any man's Consciousness...

Potent Releases, RITUALS and Meditations to AWAKEN the Deepest Frequencies of your Femininity....

How to get out of the mind to mind relating trap and speak through your ENERGETIC BODY! 

How to speak your mind while keeping your heart completely open and letting love FLOW! 

Program Flow

August 2: Optional Meet, Greet, & Meditate

August 3: Deep Inner Work and Fire & Flow Femininity

August 4: Conscious Relationships 

My Divine Sacred Work will Never Be Offered at this Price again! You don't want to miss this holy sacred opportunity! 

What's not Included

Any Air or Ground Travel to the Event


Food and Drinks

Mina Irfan is a Spiritual Lifestylist and Fierce Frequency Activator who has mentored thousands of women from all over the globe through her Sacred Work and High End Mentoring.  


Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness. If you cancel your participation in the intensive for any reason, the cancellation policy below will apply, with no exceptions.  If you cancel within 30 days of the event - You can apply all but $500 towards the next event or one of our programs or coaching services.  

 I wish I could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc), but I have costs already going into play when reserving event space, travel, etc. I have designed the cancellation policy to be as compassionate as possible in the case that your plans change. But to protect yourself further, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance.

Please Note: We have the right to refuse anyone we feel isn't a good match for this intensive.  

TheUniverseGuru LLC


TheUniverseGuru LLC is not a mental/medical health practitioner or mental/medical health provider and is not holding itself out to be in any capacity.  TheUniverseGuru LLC is not providing counseling or therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical or mental ailment.  TheUniverseGuru LLC is a coach, mentor, and guide who helps you reach your own goals through positive, healthy methods that give you the option to create lifestyle changes.

Sign me up for this Potent, Fierce Frequency Trip of a Lifetime! 

2 Payments of $600

I'm all in in taking this Dream Girl's Trip! Pay in Full and save some $$! Price goes up June 15th!

Pay in Full $997
Mina Irfan
Mina Irfan
Spiritual Life-stylist

About the instructor

Mina Irfan is a Spiritual Lifestylist, Personal Power Alchemist, and Fierce Frequency Activator here to help you CLAIM & embody your Divine right to riches and Abundance in all areas of your life. 

Here is the truth….It’s not really Abundance if Divine Love isn’t flowing through ALL areas of your life! 

Perhaps you are successful and rocking your work life…but not so prosperous in your health and love life…..

It’s time to claim and evoke a new Frequency….

It’s time to Raise and Illuminate your Vibration….

Access a Deeper Mind…..Level of Consciousness….

One that Claims and Embodies the Potent Power of Abundance in ALL areas of life…..with Divine Guidance as your Compass….and Yours truly as your soul sister guide….

You can’t serve yourself, your family, community, humanity and the collective consciousness until you claim your full Divinity and co-create a Force of Abundance and Riches in all areas of your Being…

Welcome to your Next Level Evolution….Welcome to High End Divinity.


Mina Irfan 

Mina has a degree in Philosophy and Communications from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.