Do you often struggle with relating, attracting, or connecting with men on a deep emotional level?

Do men often misunderstand or misinterpret your desires?

Do you often feel unseen and unheard by men?

You show up on dates but have no proposals?

Does your husband ignore your feminine desires?

Babe, the truth is that the feminine art of having a deep, gut level response on men has been lost in the last few generations because of the over-masculinization of women.

Women have been expected to act, behave, and communicate like men.

This unspoken societal pressure has stripped away our God-given natural abilities to invoke healthy attraction and connection with men.

And made men more feminine!

Not to mention the recent campaigns to pit men and women against each other on social media.

The male senses are overstimulated with the cheap, easy access to women available in our culture today and yet starving for real, deep, intimate wholesome connection.

In the Gut Level Emotional Response Course, you will learn how to relate deeply with men on a level most women have no clue on how to connect.

You will learn tools, skills, and mindsets that will help you connect with men in all areas of life not only in dating and marriage.

Women just like you have used this sacred body of work to heal relationships with their fathers, brothers, sons, dates, and husbands.

Babe, the truth is that men never have and never will fall in love through logic. 

And yet so any women try to convince a man of their worth in the relationship. 

The more you activate his brain, the less likely you are to get his gut level, emotional affection! 

If you are interested in learning more about why and how men fall in love through emotions and not logic…

I have exciting news for you!

We have added a brand new "Master Communicating with Men Masterclass!"

You have lifetime access to the course and any future additions to the curriculum. 

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Course curriculum

    1. Pre-Work Foreplay 1 - Creating Her Timeline

    2. Pre-Work Foreplay 2 - Her Psyche

    3. Pre-Work Foreplay 3 - Timeline Jumping

    4. Lesson 1: Collision 💥 of Worlds

    5. Lesson 2A: Masculine Responses

    6. Lesson 2B

    7. Lesson 2C

    8. BONUS: Arouse His Love Masterclass

    9. Lesson 3A

    10. Lesson 3B

    11. Lesson 3C

    12. Lesson 4

    13. BONUS Q&A from Divine Union Course

    14. Lesson 5

    15. 21 Day Learning Invocation

    16. Lesson 6: Communicating with Men Masterclass

    17. BONUS: HAQ (Borrowed from WIFED)

About this course

  • $1,111.00
  • 17 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content