12 Months to Sacredly, Sexy, Self-Mastery

This is the MOTHER of all Action Oriented, Motivation & Activation Packages for the Basic Babe to step into Self Aware Barbie Consciousness!

The truth is that most women want to jump from Basic Babe to Million Dollar Babe.  

There are no short cuts in life Darling! Even if they some how manage to "hack" the system by manifesting a relationship, health, or even money...they self-sabotage and end up right back where they started from! 

You see Consciousness is kind of like math! Each awakening, aha, and moment of enlightenment builds on the previous one.

If you really want to Activate your Power and gain Mastery over yourself and your life....The Self Aware Barbie stage is your best friend

And this is the Package that will get you there! 

You can have it all sister, but not while sitting around making excuses and refusing the help you desire.

The High Value Feminine Goddess Package is Sent From the Heavens

Get a Highly ACTIVATING, Potent themed coaching video, homework assignments, to do list, and challenges. Spend one month or longer on each area of your life. Once it's become a habit and put on autopilot - move onto the next area to be transformed.

  • Full of Fun & Fabulous Video Content

    Topics Include: Mindset/Motivation Wellness/Self Care Health/Fitness Relationships/Parenting Romance Finance Home Life Work/Career/Interests/Hobbies Beauty/Fashion Communication Skills Spirituality/Gratitude Community/Charity

  • Engaging Workbooks & Encouraging Challenges

    Get the Exact Strategies, Mindset Shifts, Tools, and Habits needed to Make this your most Activated Year!

  • Sparkling Affirmations & Embodiment Practices

    Most programs either focus on mindset shifts OR behavior changes. The Perfect Formula of Transformation requires both the mindset shift AND the Knowledge and Exact tools to change your behavior! The Goddess Program combines the mindset shifts as well as the action-based changes that build lifetime habits with ease and grace.

From Basic Babe to Self Aware Barbie!

Exhausted from Making Excuses, Complaining, and Self-Sabotaging? Make this Your ACTIVATION Year!

Self Aware Barbie Mode Activation

What Your Soul Sistas Are Saying of The High Value Goddess Self-Mastery Package

  • Soul Sista

    "Mina, I have to tell you how much my husband and I love and adore you. Today he said tell your teacher “that she’s doing such great work. You’re making fantasies I didn’t even have come true.” You have impacted us so greatly. Thank you for everything. I’m reflecting back on the year and I’m living my dream life because of you." - JS

  • Soul Sista

    "Ladies, I want to share with you that I always wished that my hubby would go on romantic weekends with me. He never wanted and I wasn’t able to communicate my desire and needs without ending in a fight. I learned trough the work with Mina so much about communication and female - male dynamics. Shortly after the 90 day relationship Program [from the Goddess Package] he planned some days in Rome for us. And now, about 14 days later, he planned a weekend in Madrid. I am so happy and thankful Mina and I want to thank this group also, you are so helpful and kind and we can learn from each other ." -Julia

  • Soul Sista

    "Every year I would set new year resolutions and then completely back track. This program has been a complete mindset shift! It literally has everything you need to finally make things happen in your life. Thank you Mina!" - Tiffany K

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Program 1: Mindset & Motivation

    • Month 1 Coaching Video

    • Goddess Assignments

    • Goddess Play Sheet: Weekly Challenges

    • Goddess Do's & Don'ts

  • 3

    Program 2: Healthy Lifestyle

    • Section 1: Healthy Lifestyle

    • Section 2: Addictions, Allergens, and Anti-Nutrients

    • Section 3: High Value Nutrients & Intermittent Fasting

    • Section 4: Dining Out, Social Events, & Alcohol

    • Section 5: Supplements, Sleep, Stress & Sex

    • Section 6: My Journey & Grain Free Lifestyle

    • My Actual Meals & Bonus Meal Planning Tips

    • Weekly Sample Grocery List

    • Sample Recipes

    • Sample Meal Plan

    • Cheat Meals & Bouncing Back

    • Resources for Further Learning

  • 4

    Program 3: High Value Homes

    • Your Home is Your Temple

    • Section 1: Taking Back Control & Where to Start

    • Section 2: Dealing with Common Areas in Your Temple

    • Section 3: Dealing with Other People's Stuff & Boundary Setting Scripts

    • Section 4: Maintaining Your Temple & Functional Systems

    • High Value Home Goddess Playsheets Sections 1-4

    • Goddess Challenges

    • Additional Resources

  • 5

    Bonus: Goddess Affirmations

    • WORTHY Goddess Self-Care AFFIRMATIONS

  • 6

    Program 4: Glam Goddess

    • Intro to Glam Goddess

    • Section 1: Self-Care & Grooming

    • Self Care & Grooming Rituals Guide

    • Self-Care & Grooming Inspiration

    • Goddess Hair Care

    • Hair Care Guide

    • Goddess Skin Care

    • Skin Care Products & Recipes

    • Dry Brushing Tutorial

    • Goddess Makeup

    • Easy Everyday Makeup Look

    • Goddess Wardrobe

    • Goddess Accessories

    • Best & Worst Investments

    • A Look Inside my Wardrobe

    • Link to Finding Your Colors Book

  • 7

    Program 5: Inner Peace & Happiness

    • Inner Peace & Happiness Section 1

    • Inner Peace & Happiness Section 2

    • Inner Peace & Happiness Section 3

    • Worksheets 1-3

    • Feminine Joy

    • BONUS Live Mini-Session: What Does it Mean to be Authentic?

  • 8

    BONUS Q&A Replay

    • Q&A Recording

  • 9

    Program 6: 90 Day Relationship Rehab

    • Bonus Call: High Value Dating

    • Module 1: Mystery, Light, and Play

    • Module 1: Mystery, Light, and Play (Audio Only Version)

    • Module 2: Emotional Safety & Bringing Out His Hero Energy

    • Module 2: Emotional Safety & Bringing Out His Hero Energy (Audio Only)

    • Module 3: Feminine Boundaries & Surrender for Everlasting Romance

    • Module 3: Feminine Boundaries & Surrender for Everlasting Romance (audio only)

    • Bonus Module 4: Dealing with Difficult In-laws and Arranged Marriages

    • Bonus Module 4: Dealing with Difficult In-laws and Arranged Marriages (Audio only)

    • Module 5: Creating Your Romance Bubble

    • Module 5: Creating Your Romance Bubble (Audio Only)

    • Bonus Call: When Leaning Back Backfires

    • Bonus Call: When Leaning Back Backfires (Audio Only)

  • 10

    Program 7: High Value Feminine Communication

    • Section 1

    • Section 2

    • Section 3

    • Section 4

    • Feminine Embodiment

    • Communication Workbook

    • Communication Challenges

  • 11

    Program 8: High Value Parenting

    • Module 1: Witnessing Your Own Childhood

    • Module 1: Witnessing Your Own Childhood (Audio Only)

    • Module 2: Why Are You Here?

    • Module 2: Why Are You Here (Audio Only)

    • Module 3: High Value Family Dynamics

    • Module 3: High Value Family Dynamics (Audio Only)

    • Module 4: Your Parenting Role & Sacred Container

    • Journal Prompts for Inner Reflection

  • 12

    Program 9: Boss Goddess: Getting Ahead in School, Life, & Business - The Feminine Way!

    • Section 1

    • Section 2

    • Section 3

    • Section 4

    • Boss Goddess Playsheets

    • Weekly Challenges

    • Boss Goddess Affirmations

  • 13

    Program 10: High Value Personal Finance Course | A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Creating Wealth

    • Section 1: Introduction

    • Section 2: Finances and Mindset

    • Section 3: How to Stabilize Finances

    • Section 4: How to Pay Off Debt

    • Section 5: How to Create Wealth

    • Section 6: Other Factors for Creating Wealth and Happiness

    • Financial Templates

  • 14

    Program 11: Fit & Fab at Any Age

    • Fit and Fab at Any Age

    • Bonus: Beginner Level Exercise Guide

    • Bonus Training: The Ins and Outs of Femininity

    • Fit & Fab Journaling Prompts

    • Daily Feminine Morning Practice

    • Upper Body Workout

    • Lower Body Workout

    • Full Body Weight Workout

    • After Workout Stretch

  • 15

    Program 12: Shimmering, Shining, Spirituality

    • Section 1

    • Section 2

    • Section 3

    • Section 4

    • Section 5: Meditations

    • Spiritual Affirmations

    • Meditations - Text Version