High Value Parenting Toolkit

Raising High Value, Conscious Kids

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3 module program on conscious, high value parenting. Includes a session on dealing with your own childhood wounds and traumas.

Module 1:  Witnessing your Own Childhood  

Module 2: Why are you here? - Life Changing Life Skills

Module 3: High Value Family Dynamics 

Module 4: Your Parenting Role & Sacred Container 

Sessions will include:

Are your own childhood wounds holding you back in life and/or parenting? We explore tools to heal our own childhood demons. 

Answers to your questions on what conscious, high value parenting looks like in my family.

How to raise balanced, well-rounded, confident children who grow into independent, happy adults.

What are natural consequences and how they can change the way you discipline and mentor your children forever. 

Handling chores, activities, friends, and other difficult conversations. 

Life Skills and important conversations to explore with your children. 

Learn to parent your child's individual spirit.

What is your role as a parent?

How to hold a sacred container for healthy growth.

When and how to outsource discipline.

What other's are saying about this life-changing program:

"Hi! I just watched the last 2 Modules of the High Value Parenting Program.  I loved it!  Your Parenting is inline with how I parent and it fills the gap that most parenting programs don't address.  Most Parenting programs are geared toward getting a particular outcome/behavior from a child.  Your program is how to encourage your child to be their best self.  Motivation from within, accountability for their actions. Getting to know yourself. Being a citizen of the world.  Love the strategies and real life examples you shared. And I love that it is not geared toward a certain age as most programs are." - F

Course curriculum

    1. Module 1: Witnessing Your Own Childhood

    2. Module 2: Why Are You Here?

    3. Module 3: High Value Family Dynamics

    4. Module 4: Your Parenting Role & Sacred Container

    5. How Not to Screw Up Your Kids

    6. Release Mom Guilt with Inner Work

    7. How to teach kids Abundance without “Spoiling” them

    8. Mamta Energy and the Mother Wound

    9. Journal Prompts for Inner Reflection

About this course

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  • 9 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content