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Ready to Function at Your Full Potential and Personal Power...

But Have no clue how to Dominate your Triggers, Banish Insecurities, Overcome Self-Doubt, and Gain Emotional Self-Mastery?

High Vibration Worthy Woman ASCENSION Program is a Potent Inner Work Portal to Conquering Your Triggers, Overcoming Doubt, Claiming Confidence, and Finally Stepping Into Your Full Personal Power!

Problem #1:  You have big Dreams and Desires but can't seem to find the Motivation, Direction, or Confidence to Execute.

Problem #2:  You are so busy putting out fires in the form of deadlines, to-do lists, other people's agendas, and emergencies, that you have no clue where your Time, Money, and Energy is going. 

Problem #3:  No matter how hard you work it's like you can never get ahead. Your Work and Efforts often go unnoticed and under Appreciated. 

Problem #4:  Fear seems to dominate your thoughts and the thoughts of everyone around you. No matter how many Books you Read or Recite Affirmations, someone is always around to lower your Vibe! 

Problem #5: You Feel drained and fatigued almost every day and especially after hanging out with certain people.

Problem #6: You feel Unseen and Unheard. You Live a Life of Quiet Desperation and have no Idea what to do!

Girl, I get you!! Everyone keeps saying Think Positive Thoughts but even THAT requires Energy and Time that you don't have! 

You have even tried "Acting As If" but soon find yourself back to your old way of behaving. 

Worry No More!  I was EXACTLY in your place once.  Not only is there a Clear Solution to your woes, I have laid out the Exact process after helping thousands of Women just LIKE YOU Unlock their PERSONAL POWER and Completely turn their lives around.

THE TRUTH IS... most information out there revolves around learning complicated studies, theories, or psychology...


Learning Rules or Proper Etiquette that feels so inauthentic.

Both are valid but neither lead to the Full Mindset AND Behavioral Reprogramming that you need to make your Forever Transformation.

Learning the Behavior doesn't work because you don't have a WHY behind it is.  Since the WHY is what Aligns your Actions with your Mindset, leaving this out is a HUGE mistake! 

Learning just the Mindset also doesn't work as you don't know how to Apply your new found Knowledge in ACTUAL everyday interactions with LIFE! Which is the Key, HELLO!  You Aren't trying to get more information, you are trying to Live a Richly Abundant and Lovely Life!

This High Value Worthy Woman ASCENSION Program is DIFFERENT...

This Powerful Portal lays out the Mindset Shifts AND the Behavioral Alignment to give you a Powerful Soul Level Transformation! 

Benefits of Entering this Potent Inner Work Portal

The Beautiful Features You Will Find Inside...

  • Learn Why Your Perception of Reality May Have Been Tainted Through Your Childhood Wounds, so You Can Create Your New Reality Instead of Staying Stuck in Your Repeating Old Paradigm.

  • Learn How the Body Stores Trauma and How it Massively Impacts Every Area of Your Life, so You can Finally Release Trapped Energy, Heal Your Wounds, and Reprogram Your Out-Dated Subconscious Programming.

  • Activate Your Personal Power, Confidence, and Inner Queen Through Finding Alignment with Your Divinely Assigned Inner Guidance System. A.K.A Your Intuition Goddess Powers.

  • Learn to Balance Your Energy Centers and Re-Discover Your Natural Feminine Radiance and Life-Force.

  • Gain Emotional Self-Mastery and Learn Why Your Feelings are the Gateway to Abundance, True Love, and Sheer Bliss.

  • Learn How to Set, Honor, and Balance Your Boudaries Like A Queen While Keeping Your Heart Open the Love Flowing.

What's Included In This Portal...

High Vibration Worthy Woman Ascension - From Hot Mess Basic Babe to Self-Assured Barbie!

  • 6 High Vibration Ascension Lessons plus Deep Alignment Soul Re-Writing Inner Work Prompts (Value $1997)

  • Love Light Meditations Templates. Create Your Own 15-20 Minute Meditations Using Mina's Short yet Oh-So Powerful Meditation Blocks. (Value $67)

  • Law of Attraction For Babes. A 90 min Masterclass and Dream Board Workshop using Mina Irfan's 15 Year Experience with High Definition Manifesting. (value $97)

  • 21 Day Invocation Soul Cleanse. Get both an Audio Recording and PDF of Mina Irfan's Potent 21 Day Soul Shifting Invocation. (Value $397)

  • Activation & Alignment Secret Cheats. A Revolutionary Reference Guide to Quickly Learn the Mindset and the Corresponding Behavior so you can Design your Prefect Embodiment. (Value $197)

  • Arouse His Love Masterclass. Become Magnetic to Him! Intensive Masterclass on everything you need to know on Arousing his Deep, Gut Level ATTRACTION towards you. Decode the Mystery behind how Men Experience Love and become Magnetically Attractive to him! (Value $67)

High Vibration Worthy Woman ASCENSION

From Emotional and Energetic Hot Mess to Happy & Satisfied Self-Aware Barbie!

Calling All Emotionally and Physically Exhausted Babes! 

Are you TIRED of people pushing you around?

Are you Tired of trying to manage your family, friends, work, all while trying to keep yourself sane?

Do you keep ATTRACTING the same type of NEGATIVE people or experiences in your life?

Have you had difficulty MANIFESTING the MONEY you desire to live life on your own terms?

Do you run around doing things for everyone else but never have enough TIME for self-care?

Does it seem like your To-Do list has a self-regenerating, never ending, Black Hole Size Life of it's Own?

If any of this sounds familiar, your limiting belief systems and inner wounds may be holding you back!


It’s time to STOP living in a highly reactive state and finally reconnect with the CONFIDENCE and SELF-WORTH you were destined to have.

Most WOMEN live in a highly fight or flight mode, being constantly TRIGGERED by the people and circumstances around them. Their limiting beliefs and negative thoughts SABOTAGE their hard work and Efforts towards any sort of Progress or GROWTH.

TIME to finally shed those inner wounds, limiting beliefs, and false identities and live life like a HIGH VALUE WORTHY WOMAN! Be the woman that exudes CONFIDENCE, Inner CALM, and a Magnetic PRESENCE!

It's time to take your inner work journey from Basic Babe to Self-Aware Barbie and Beyond!  - Mina Irfan

 Most WOMEN are STRONG on the OUTSIDE but feel weak and EXHAUSTED on the inside. They ARMOR up and either hide their true feelings or live in a highly reactive state – without any sort of control over their emotional state.

Imagine Breaking through limiting beliefs and false identities by becoming aware of your triggers and fully HEALING through childhood wounds.

POSITIVE thinking can help shift your mood temporarily, but it doesn’t help Heal your INSECURITIES and Own your triggers in any meaningful way.

Saying positive AFFIRMATIONS without recognizing your wounds and working thorough them only gets you so far.

Learning how to identify and recognize your limiting beliefs, childhood wounds, and other emotional triggers is the only way to move past them!

I spent years defending myself against people’s negative comments, sheltering myself from anything that would trigger my childhood wounds and limiting beliefs. This kept me stuck and unable to live the life I truly Deserved and Desired.

Despite "Having it All" from what appeared on the outside, I was unhappy and lonely on the inside. I used money and shopping to mask my inner wounds instead of working through them.

My RELATIONSHIPS suffered as I used my personal achievements as an EMOTIONAL mask.  I was afraid to be VULNERABLE because of my lack of control over my emotional state.  

I finally decided to change things around by reading hundreds of books, taking tons of courses, coaching and INVESTING thousands of dollars and years into my Inner work and HEALING.

My Life is now Sheer BLISS. Every Single Area of my Life is in True Alignment. 

I Improved My Health 100x!

My husband of 11 years fell Madly and Romantically back in Love with Me.  People who Meet us for the first time think we are newly weds.

Our Magnetic Attraction and Friendship is deeply Soul Level.  

I started forming Authentic Friendships with High Value Women, something I struggled with before.

I Created a Million Dollar Brand from my Passion of Awakening Women.  Money Effortlessly Flows to me now in my Sleep - and I get to keep it! 

Even the way I Parented completely changed. 

I wake up every day Feeling Extreme Sense of Contentment and Gratitude for this Beautiful, Abundant Life. 

All This Manifested because of my ONE DECISION to Heal Myself or die trying.

I used the exact TOOLS laid out in this PROGRAM to Heal my Inner wounds and work through my TRIGGERS. Learning to manage my EMOTIONAL STATE in personal and professional settings has been the best INVESTMENT in myself.

These same tools have also helped Thousands of my students and hundreds of one-one clients take Quantum Leaps into their True AUTHENTIC POWER, and ABUNDANCE.

It is my Passion to Help Highly Sensitive Women from all walks of Life do the Inner work and Free themselves to Live their most AUTHENTIC self.

Get immediate results from this self-paced coaching program. My clients include Doctors, Lawyers, Corporate Women, Business Owners, and Women Just Like You from All Over the World.  They Happily pay thousands of dollars to work with me one on one. 

This program contains EVERYTHING you need to get the same results in overcoming your current emotional state and addictions.

Here's the Truth....

Each second you delay doing your Inner Work due to Time or Money constraints, you are ACTUALLY losing more Time and Money!

I get it, you may be thinking, I can just google the information, watch youtube videos, or just read some books. The TRUTH is that most people don't even know what to search for. How can you know what you don't know? And consuming information in bits and pieces and trying to duct tape it all together isn't going to get you the Life-Changing RESULTS you NEED to reprogram yourself from the inside out! NOT doing your inner work is costing you in lost time, pain and suffering, countless lost opportunities, and the chance to finally Experiencing your full potential of LOVE and Abundance. What is that truly worth to you?
I Have Decided to Stop Leaking Time, Energy, & MONEY!

Message from Course Alum

Another Queen Client - Healed and Manifesting her Dream Life....

“Hi Mina, I hope you are doing well. With the ascension program I am having major realizations of how far I have come. I want to share my wins because it’s just as much your accomplishment as mine. In February 2018 I started the high value worthy woman toolkit and it was the best Money I spent. This was the opening to all of the programs and transformations I got to do. I had just moved to another state and I had to leave a job I loved. I was a housewife because our circumstances allowed for it and I hated it. I thought I had to be on the hamster wheel and force having children. (Which I ultimately decided isn’t for me.) I was miserable but also felt unworthy. My relationship was rough too as you know. Fast forward two years I am working at a top investment bank! A job I wanted for 10 years. I dress up for work everyday and people ask me how many people I manage (none 😂). My coworkers have nick baked me Queen Jasleen because of the way my heels click and the way I smile and wave at everyone. I work 5 min away from my house so I get to come home for lunch and I get to work from home and be in my feminine. My husband is so incredibly proud of me. I was so unhappy and lost when I bought the toolkit. And now I am so ecstatic. I get to do a job I’m good at and it’s not stressful. I live in my dream house and my dream life. I just came home to my second Chanel purchase. If you told me two years ago this would be my life I would never believe it. Thank you for the incredible life changing work you do. I know I have more work to do but I want to make sure I look at how far I have come. And I want you to know that your program are important, don’t stop making them and don’t stop what you do. We need you! ❤️☺️

“Ps. My husband got my name tattooed on his arm. “


I just started Mina's High-Value Worthy Women Ascension program one week ago and I can see dramatic changes instantly. The inner work is much needed and Mina's explains it so in-depth and easy to understand and practice. Mina is raw, real and her work is covered in so much love, you can just feel the love oozing out just from the summary of the programs. I am so excited to up-level to the next ascension stage to Sacred Feminine now. I'm excited to embark on this journey. Mina is truly a guru send to teach and enlighten us, her work is real and its a game-changer. Love you love you love you dear Mina
- Genievie -

High Vibration Course Graduates

  • Divine Testimonial

    "Within a few days I uncovered one unconscious belief that I had no IDEA I've been carrying around for the past six years. Working on correcting it now. Such a valuable program." - Emily

  • Divine Testimonial

    "I highly recommend the High Value Worthy Woman Toolkit. If you have any insecurities this program will guide you through addressing it and help you become the confident, high value woman you were born to be! I have gone through this self-paced program multiple times and have learned something new every time. Working through the program has helped me reflect on my inner self and how I can come back to my authentic self." -F.S..

  • Divine Testimonial

    "Mina Irfan I want to thank you for the HVWW Kit. I began working it a few days ago and have gotten to Section 4. It was a huge breakthrough for me working on the worksheets. I literally cried when I wrote everything on paper and realized what has been holding me back and causing my triggers. I was in tears bc I realized, admitted, released and at the same time overly joyful over the breakthrough. I had to ask forgiveness from hubby bc it had to do with him. He recognized it but waited on me to come around and recognize for myself. It felt so good to be at peace with myself and him and literally yesterday was like the best of my best days. Everything was going my way 😊 remainder of the day. I felt I was on top of the world. Your program really works if you put In the work and get completely vulnerable and honest with yourself. Moving on to next phase. Thank you again Mina for the wonderful program!" -S.H.

Enter the Portal of Self-Awareness & Inner Work

I'm ready to over ride my blocks, limiting beliefs, triggers, trauma, and drama addictions to Activate my next level ASCENSION!

OMG, I'm so Ready!