Hypnotic Sex - A Tantalizing Sexual Adventure

Welcome to Your Sacred Sexual Awakening

"A Striptease for the Soul"

Are you a woman that has been longing for a safe place to learn the ART of Sex?

A place to let go of Inhibitions and EXPLORE the SACRED and DIVINE art that is your Potent Sexuality?

Have you ever wondered how to inspire your man to Ravish you and met the Depths of your Soul?

If you have been wishing for a sex genie - well, here she is!

Mina Irfan will take you into the often unknown, lost  dark and light places of sexuality...

As a woman, I understand the shame and confusion around sex that many women can experience.  I find that women who come to learn feminine energy work, often end up even more confused about the topic of sex.  They go from being able to ask for their sexual needs in the bedroom to trying to play demur - leaving their partners dazed and uninspired.

Sex is a Sacred dance with the Divine aspects between the Masculine and the Feminine.

This means you get to be FUN, Spicy, Naughty, & Nice Flavors in your Sexuality...

Let Sex become a place of Worship into Divine Love.... 

Oh Baby! I'm here to put you under my Erotic Spell...

But in order to do that, I must first UN-TRANCE you from the limiting beliefs of culture and society.

Topics We Will Seduce


What is sex and what is it "suppose" to feel like

Inhibitions, Shame, & Arousal

Energetic Entrapment

Flirting and Eye Contact that Feels like Striptease! 

Unleashing your Sexual Energy

Open & Raw Sexual Conversations 

Your Sexual Voice

How to OPEN WIDE to Unimaginable Pleasure

Sexual Fetishes

6 Sexual Feminine & Masculine Desires and why not all of them should lead to sexual relations

BONUS: You will get A SEX MENU for those times when you and your partner need a little inspiration....

Special Note to Single Ladies

This program is designed for EVERY Woman - regardless of her current relationship status.  Spiritual Sexuality is all about YOUR relationship with YOURSELF first and foremost. Only then can you offer it as a gift to the Masculine.


The Sex Class you have been waiting for your entire life.....

A Rise Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.....

Women only....

Strictly 21+ Only

All Digital content is immediately available.  

BONUS! Instant Access to the NEW Intoxicate Playshop!

BONUS: The Energetics of Age Playshop

What Our Alums Are Saying…

"My experience of sex has gone to a level, to an experience, I could only dream about, just from last month’s first session. I can’t believe that a two hour class has changed me so much. ❤️" - M 

"Your course/this course is honestly the best thing I’ve ever bought. it’s changed my sex life." -Angel

"This course helped me unlock my sexual potential and reconnect with my partner." -Rabia

Thank you for the sex course. They are helping me soooo much! I have so many deep issues that I have not been able to articulate and you directly speak to my soul. Tears of happiness as I catch up on the session for December. ❤️ - Leigha