A Collection of 17 Delicious Soulful Meditations

Short, Practical, yet Incredibly Powerful Meditations that can be combined to pack one Powerful punch of Mindfulness at any time.

Available for Immediate Download

  • The Love Light Meditation Program offers 17 Short Yet Potent meditations that are available for immediate download.

  • The Meditations range from 3-10 mins (most are 5 mins) and are meant to be layered or combined with each other.

  • For example, you could take the Core Meditation + add in the Forgiveness Meditation + layer on the Love-Light Meditation = BAM! One Powerful 15 min session!

What Your Divine Sisters are saying about these Yummy Meditations

  • Buddha Babe

    "I literally attracted this program into my life. Needed exactly this! Thank you so much Mina!" - Jen

  • Buddha Babe

    "Your voice Mina is simply the most relaxing and sweetest thing ever 💖💖💖 Love these meditations soooo much." - Ildikó Roth

  • Buddha Babe

    "Thank you Mina , your meditation are simple yet so effective , I honestly didn't think I will do any because meditations usually sounded something complicated but NOT Mina's." -K

I'm Ready to Reset My Brain, Activate My Health, Get Calm, Centered, and Unlock the many Science & Spirituality Backed Benefits of Meditation!

I am one with the Divine. I am one with Light. I am one with Love. I am one with wellness. I am one with Abundance. I am one with Romance. I am one with Grace. Thank You. And So It Is!
Magical Love Light Meditations

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Love Light Meditations

  • 2

    FEMININE Returning HOME Meditation

    • Core Meditation Audio

  • 3

    Love Energy LOVE LIGHT Meditation

    • Love Light Audio

  • 4

    Embodying GRATITUDE Meditation

    • Gratitude Audio

  • 5

    Visualization PRAYER Meditations

    • Visualization Audio

    • Illness PRAYER Audio

  • 6

    FORGIVENESS Meditation

    • Forgiveness Audio

  • 7

    Walking GROUNDING Meditation

    • Grounding Audio

  • 8

    GLOW Bubble Meditation

    • Glow Bubble Audio

  • 9

    PRESENCE Meditation

    • Presence Audio

  • 10

    HEALING Meditation

    • Healing Audio

  • 11

    Divine INTUITION Meditation

    • Intuition Audio

  • 12

    CALLING IN YOUR ANGELS Guidance Meditation

    • Angels Audio

  • 13

    Opening to PLEASURE Meditation

    • Opening Wide Audio

  • 14

    GIRL in the Woods Meditation

    • Girl in the Woods Audio

  • 15

    Deep Desire & Feminine Offering Meditation

    • Bonus

    • Depth & Feminine Offer Audio

  • 16

    MANIFESTATION Meditation

    • Manifest Audio

  • 17

    Softening MELTING Meditation

    • Melting Audio

  • 18

    Divine Light Meditation

    • Divine Light Meditation Video

  • 19

    Cording Cutting Ritual Prayer

    • Cord Cutting Ritual Prayer

    • Upgrade Code

  • 20

    Abundance Mediation (taken from the Law of Attraction Masterclass)

    • Abundance Meditation