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It's time to drop the poverty consciousness and step into Riches and Embodiment of Mina's Million Dollar Babe Archetype

  • Real, Deeply Embodied Spirtiual Soul-Shifting Inner Work Produces Physical Manifestations. That is a Fact. Activate the Energetic Codes that Unlock Your Limitless Potential both in the Spiritual & Physical Realms.

  • You have the potential to Activate both Fear and LOVE within you. Deactivating Fear requires you to Activate FAITH. Faith Requires Trust. Trust in the Divine. Trust in Fellow Humans. And Even Trust in the Unseen Magic and Mystery of the Cosmos.

  • Deeply Embodied Love and Sacred Service Require Wealth and Abundance! How Many People can you really Love and Serve if you are yourself in Poverty Consciousness, Right? Wealthy, Free, Loving People Invest and Give Back Abundantly and Are the Gentle Force Shifting the Collective Consciousness.

Manifesting Wins from Million Dollar Babe Alums


While the praise on this page is from real live people who have worked with me in various capacities and gotten incredible results, I can't guarantee results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

Awaiting You on the Other Side of the Paradigm....

New, Fresh, Divinely Downloaded Content by High Priestess & Fierce Activator, Mina Irfan

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    Devour the Deliciously Yummy Feast of Abundant Tools and Trainings. Activate New Upgraded Energetic Codes, Raising your Frequency and Becoming Magnetic to your Divine Desires and Sacred Service.

  • Powerful Embodiment Exercises and Invocations

    Created Specifically for Babes Looking to Create Wealth and Freedom and Be a Source of Sacred Service and Passion.

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    Easily Accessible Notes, Expansive Questions, Exercises, and Challenges to Promote Your Potent Consciousness Upgrades.

What Your Divine Sisters are saying about this Cosmic Up-Leveling Vortex

  • Divine Testimonial

    "The magnetism and miracles program is one of the most important things I have ever done! After 5 months of embodying the practices, the teachings and trusting Mina, I have seen miraculous changes in my life. Mina provides a great deal of support and handholding for those of us who need it. She teaches us to become one with our divine energy and allow abundance to fill every aspect of our life. If you know you are meant to be living a more wonderful and abundant existence, this is the program for you. Thank you Mina for holding the container for me, allowing me to up-level and making me believe it was possible. I am forever grateful to you." - Jasleen

  • Divine Testimonial

    "I recently added myself to Mina’s Magnetism and Miracles Group. I have manifested thousands of $ into my life and non-financial little luxury experiences, too. I am by no way paid to given anything to share. I have never spoken to Mina privately or anything. I just want everyone to know that if you INVEST into Mina’s programs it is such a smart Way of energy exchange." - Cecelia

  • Divine Testimonial

    "The Magnetism and Miracles group not only helped me step into my truthful desires but enlightened me to the fact that our desires of abundance in any area of life don't have to limited while on a divinely guided mission. I was almost in a sense looking for permission to allow myself to accept that I was worthy of such pleasures and thanks to Mina, I see abundance every day in every way & I now know that I don't need permission!" - Rhea


Exactly where manifestations come from.

What is a frequency and how to create it.

How command your godspace energy to change realities.

Why one time manifestations don't lead to abundance and what does.

How to create a 4D and 5D vision Board.

What words have the highest frequencies.

How to write your own powerful commands and invocations.

And so much more!

The Value of This Cosmic Reordering, Paradigm Shifting Content is Worth Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars but the Cosmic Consciousness Up-Leveling and Physical Manifestations is truly Priceless!

Women Just Like You in this Powerful Vortex have already Manifested...Dream Homes, Up-Leveled Careers, Passionate Businesses, Loads of Money, Luxury Travel, Healthy Bodies, and Babies Galore. And Not to Discount Their Massive Spiritual Upgrade! The Content will more than Pay for Itself just after the First Workshop!
Cosmic Up-Shift Activated

Oh Sacred Holy Work...

Potently Rich and Activation Sessions Lead by High Priestess and Manifestation Queen, Mina Irfan. Here is a Teeny Peek-A-Boo at Her Activating Offerings

  • Shifting from Poverty Consciousness to Abundance Consciousness

  • How the Align with the Frequency of Creation & Abundance

  • 5 Dimensions of Manifesting Using Mina's Exclusive 3D/4D/5D Vision Boarding & Inside Out Lifestyling

  • Clearing Trans-Generational Drama Trama In All Directions of Time and Space

  • Accessing and Activating Our Personal Power Through Mina's Exclusive Godspace Method.