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Manifest with God Aligns your Vibrational Currency from Basic to Bougie....

10x Your Vibrational Power with Mina's Quantum Course Work - Manifest Now What You Would Have in 10-20 Years....

So Babes, here's the deal...

God couldn't parcel cold hard cash through the womb (now that would simply be awkward with the womb water and all) so money got converted in Vibrational Currency..

And coded into our DNA...

It's like when schools gave us a lunch card instead of letting kids walk around with money and credit cards....

You get my drift?

Now what if some kids didn't know that they could purchase meals at the school cafe simply by showing the lunch lady the meal card?

Well, these kids would be hungry....

and they would wonder why others were so lucky to have meals...

Well...that is exactly how vibrational currency works...

We ALL have it...

In equal amounts....

But whether we choose to use it and HOW we choose to use it is entirely up to us..


Because....Free Will....

You see, Just like the lunch ladies at school, God never force feeds..

It's always up to us...

I choose to use my vibrational currency for the highest good...

To live a life of abundance

to be a great example to all who cross my path...

But that is not the only option...

Every single human on the planet is using their vibrational currency is new and unique ways...

Some are doing this intentionally and others are doing this on auto-pilot.....



Manifest with God is a course on activating your vibrational currency...

It's about taking the Desire Downloads from the Metaphysical into the Physical...

With ease and grace ...

All while avoiding the Mental Plane "Police."

Please Note: All lessons have already been recorded.  No live lessons.  

Manifest Activated This Queen's Quantum Self!

Mina Irfan! You, stop it right now! This is just too much! 

When one of the participants said “Mina, I’m running out of brain cells for you to blow!”, that was the best and most accurate quote from this course. MANIFEST IS THE STUFF OF GODS 🙌🏽

It is official, and you totally said it yourself; Manifest is your most powerful course to date. It is the perfect combination of science and spirituality. They’re like a power couple in this damn course! This course is like the sexiest marriage of ideas; it is DIVINE UNION, and it all comes together in mind blowing potency. I’m calling it the spiritual orgasm course, because that’s what my desires and manifestations feel like now 😂. Mina, you are on fire with your brilliance, and it is catching! Here is some proof…  I have been implementing every single manifestation principle you’ve taught here in combination with what we learned at Millionairess Miami, and I manifested the University Bundle in a matter of DAYS!!! This is coming from a person who has struggled with finances her entire life (until now that is 😌). After I saw my own power in action,  I consciously said out loud to myself, "My manifestations will not stop here. There is no going back." Two days later I manifested my first inner work consulting client! I’ve been sleeping on starting this business for 3 years and I finally snapped the F out of it with the support of your teachings in Manifest. I didn’t even advertise, ok! The client came to ME not even knowing what I do, and just said my aura feels like I can help her. Fast forward to 3 days after that... I randomly get an email from the union at my day job stating that they have renegotiated our contract and I will be receiving an 18% raise. Wait, what?! I just had my raise in October and I had no clue we were even in renegotiations. 18%!!??!! Yes, I said it. 18% raise in my damn sleep. LOL! I wasn't even close to considering my job as an avenue for more income, but therein lies the beauty of Manifesting with God. The blessings will come from ANYWHERE. 🤯 This stuff works. It really, really does, and you are such a gift to the world for offering these teachings to us. Truly, I think this course alone was worth the entire price of the University Bundle. I love you, Mina. I am calling in millions and the Universe is ecstatic to give it to me! I am unstoppable. 

Thank you, yet again, for stripping me down to the bone and re-building me into the next-level version of myself.  

With all my heart and soul,

Quantum Chrystelle

IG: @goddessofpracticality


  • What does it mean to Manifest with God and How to do it!

  • How to go from DUH linear manifesting to "HOLY WOW" Quantum Manifesting

  • How to Decondition, Activate, and 10X Upgrade your Vibrational Currency through Deactivating the Mental Plane

  • Manifesting with the help of Worm Holes, Black Holes, & Time Wraps

  • How to stop Self Sabotaging your Manifestations in the Intersection of Realms

  • The highest level Manifestation Principals

  • How to change your Vibrational Blueprint through Identity Recoding using Quantum Physics

I Am Ready to Manifest with God....Extended payment plans available at checkout for US residents.

I Choose to Live in Sacred, Divine Alignment...


  • This is a 7 Lesson Self Study Course.

  • There are also 3 Bonus Pre-Work lessons. Making it a total of 10 lessons. All lessons are already available. NO live lessons.

  • You will have lifetime access to all recordings and any future additions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here **Bonus Pre-Work Sessions**

    • BONUS Pre-Work Day 1: Personality Decay & Deconstruction

    • BONUS: Pre-Work Day 2: Identity Recoding (Personality isn't Written in Stone, It's Written in Code)

    • BONUS: Pre-Work Day 3: The Quantum Effect (Cast an 180 Day Manifestation Loop)

    • BONUS: Exponential Manifesting Water Rituals

  • 2

    Lesson One: Dismantling The Mental Plan

    • Lesson 1 Part 1

    • Lesson 1 Part 2

    • Lesson 1 Part 2 (Audio Only Version)

  • 3

    Lesson Two: Engaging the Energetic Plan

    • Part 1

    • Part 2

    • Part 3

  • 4

    Lesson Three: Time Wraps, Worm Holes, & Black Holes

    • Audio Recording

  • 5

    Lesson Four: The Intersection of Realms

    • Audio Recording

  • 6

    Lesson Five: Arrow of Time

    • Audio Recording

  • 7

    Lesson Six: Quantum Identity Recoding

    • Audio Recording

  • 8

    Lesson Seven: Q&A

    • Audio Recording