Introducing the Journey into Million Dollar Man...

A Safe Place for Men to reclaim their rightful place as the head of the household....

Introducing The Million Dollar Man...

A Safe Place for Emerging Kings...

The Man, the Son, Brother, Husband, Father...

The Warrior with a heart of gold....

The Protector and Provider...

The Rightful Head of the Household....

Our first inner work course for boys and men who want to do whatever it takes to show up, love, provide, and protect their families and communities...

The often overlooked and sometimes forgotten members of our society...

Yes, this is a course is for Masculine Identified Boys and Men who want to love well and head ROBUST families...

It's also a course for women who support Men and their selfless leadership.

The story behind our first Co-Ed course...

They say that when you solve one problem, you create another one...

For years I have been helping women from all over the globe do their inner work...
Awakening the lost art of their femininity, one that Feminism and fight/flight has robbed us of.

As these women did their inner work, the men in their lives noticed....

It also awakened something in them...

They to wanted to do their inner work and started asking their wife/sister/mother/friend for resources...

When my clients would come to me for a referral, I couldn't exactly find what they were looking for. Basically a male version of me! 

For years I had no answer....and then I asked for the Universe for guidance and it showed up right in front me...

Men started commenting on my youtube videos about how my videos had changed their life even though it was geared towards women!

This course is a result of our collective desire to bring back the MAN in humanity....


This course is gender neutral inner work as well as inner work for couples.  

It is designed to be a 3 Month Intensive.

Month 1: Getting Emotionally Current. Letting go of past hurts, emotional baggage, blame, shame, masculine/feminine wounds.

Month 2: Understand Masculine & Feminine and Male & Female. How to understand each other's unique needs and makeup to create a ROBUST Divine Union.

Month 3: US.  Creating Personal and Relationship structures and containers for now and forever.  How to use everything we have learned and continue build on it.  Discipline and Embodiment work.

We will cover Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy in the Modern world.

The Roles you each bring into yourself, the world, and most importantly in your union.

There will be single person inner work as well as inner work for couples and even families to do together.

This is the inner work that my husband and I have each done separately, together, and then as a family to create the ROBUST unit we have now. 

My husband Irfan will be co-teaching this course with me.

You will get 12 recorded lessons.

What Men will Learn...

Get the Conscious Male & Female perspective on how to Embody Masculine Energy in the modern world. This is just a small glimpse of the areas we will be covering in this course.

  • Learn how to create robustness in your psyche and embodiment so you can be the pillar of strength for your loved ones.

  • Understand the exact behaviors that deplete or enhance your male hormones. While also learning how to support the woman in your life in balancing their female hormones.

  • Learn about relationship entropy and how it erodes polarity (attraction) over time.

  • Learn how to increase your emotional intelligence and communication skills while honoring the innate male/female biological differences.

  • Learn how to harness the Alpha energy to maximize your happiness. Balance the light and dark masculine energies so you can be both the loving provider and fierce protector.

  • Learn how to create poliarty even when the woman in your life is showing up in her alpha energy.

  • Reclaim your spot as the head of household and alpha leader you were born to be.

  • Learn how to create your unique couple blueprint and reside inside your couple bubble. Creating a ROBUST family unit.

  • How to create conscious “containers” and containment in your life and for the people you cherish.

What Women will Learn

Get the Conscious Male & Female perspective on how to Embody Feminine Energy and support the Masculine energy in your life in the modern world. This is just a small glimpse of the areas we will be covering in this course.

  • Learn the exact feminine energy embodiment practices and principals that will make you feel your most radiant self and get the desired effect from men.

  • Learn the habits and behaviors that bring out the best from the men in our life.

  • Learn what you can do to support the masculine men in your life and create polarity and robustness in your relationships.

  • Learn how to use your own masculine energy in a conscious way so it doesn't create friction in your life, health, and relationships.

  • Learn how to surrender to conscious masculine leadership so you can both bring your best gifts forward in the relationship.

  • Learn how to end arguments and how to use meta-updating to get on the same page once and for all!

I am Ready to be the Robust Leader of my Family!

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Course curriculum

    1. Lesson One: Becoming Emotionally Current (with Mina)

    2. Lesson Two: Live Q&A with Mina

    3. Lesson Three: Let's Deal with Mindset First (with Irfan)

    4. Lesson Four: Live Q&A with Irfan

    5. Becoming Emotionally Current Exercise

    1. Lesson 5 Part 1: Feminine/Masculine Energies

    2. Lesson 5 Part 2: Male/Female

    3. Lesson 6 Q&A

    4. Lesson 7: Understanding Men & Women

    5. Lesson 8: Q&A

    1. Lesson 9: What is Embodiment

    2. Million Dollar Man Lesson 10

    3. Lesson 11: Specific Actions & Embodiments

    4. Two body Practice 1 Intro

    5. Two Body Practice 1

    6. Two body Practice 2 Intro

    7. Two Body Practice 2

    8. Lesson 12: Recap and Q&A

About this course

  • $1,111.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content