If you want to Rise into Riches, know this babes, Your Self-Worth and Net Worth are linked.

Raise Your Self-worth, and your Net Worth will Follow...

Decide to Decode the Energy of Money.

What you decide you have to do to ALLOW yourself to have Love, Pleasure, and Money.....is your requirement for entry. 

Some women believe they have to work hard for money and then they get to have some fun.  

That's what they decided, so that's what they must do to get money. 

Some women decided they have to chase a man who doesn't want them to have crumbs of his attention, and that's what they allow in. 

Some decided they get to marry a provider, but they must work themselves to the bone as a maid to earn their keep, and that's what they get. 

And then you see other women having it easy.  Having fun.  

Living in alignment. What you don't realize is that women have different requirements of entry. 

I decided that I get to have ease, flow, love, bliss, joy, and loads of money and it gets to be really really FUN and EASY.....why?  

Just because I decided that it would be fun to do it this way LOL.   

I decided It would be fun to have peace in all areas of my life. 

I decided It would be fun AND it would allow me to share my best gifts with the world. 

I decided that It would be fun and my overflow would be of Sacred Service and inspiration to others. 

I decided. You get to decide to. 

Decide and Step into the Energy and Embodiment of the Millionairess Vibe.

The Truth is you are already abundant.  You were born as the child of the most High.

God is the unlimited Source of all things. Trust me when I say.....God will Never Run out!!

This has now been proven by science! 

You came here to be abundant and experience the best of all things. 

No one is sitting up in the sky keeping score of how much money you have and whether you are greedy or selfish.

Money is neutral and God is Love. 

You and your stories are controlling how much money you allow into your field. 

So yes, you get to be abundant and no one will be mad at you lol.

You get to decide.

What You get:

A 2 .5 Hour PLAYSHOP ( Because we don't believe in struggle work around here!) on Millionairess Decisions, Habits, and Embodiments based on Mina Irfan's personal journey to becoming a multi-millionairess.

BONUS: 2.5 Hours of Rich Girl Series Bonus Content

Brand NEW 4 hours of content on creating a Divine Masculine container for money! 

✨Total 9 hours of Money Transmissions ✨

Immediate access to digital recording and all inner work prompts.

Deep Transformations & Truth Delivered with Fun and Ease!

Inner work prompts, affirmations, and money invocations will also be provided.

This event is also available in the Full Million Dollar Babe Money Course which you can purchase here: https://bit.ly/36B4ll0

If you enjoy this Course and later want to upgrade to the full Million Dollar Babe Money Course, you can apply what you paid for this towards the full course (code available inside)

Disclaimer:  This is a Millionairess Mindset, Habits, and Embodiments course.  While I wish I could wave a magic wand and guarantee success and money for everyone, I can't.  You will get out of this inner work course as much as you put in.  Take personal responsibilities for your own growth and transformation and make it happen! Millionaire status can never be guaranteed by anyone outside of YOU. Please note that I am not a financial advisor and this information should be used as entertainment purposes only.  Please do your own research and seek appropriate counsel before making financial decisions.

The Millionairess playshop has genius level journaling prompts that have reframed my mindset on my money blocks. I've already received more than 3x my investment!!!
I soooo appreciate the way Mina organizes and teaches her information in bite size practical ways. Mina's courses have skyrocketed my confidence and transferable skills. Thank you!!!


This playshop is also available as part of the full Million Dollar Babe Money Course