Digital Recordings from the Millionairess Miami Event from March 2, 2023.


  • Your Exact Money 💰 Blocks and How to Fix Them.

  • Your Money Archetypes and How they Ruin or Enhance your life!

  • How to Unlock and Activate your Millionairess Money Magic!

Soul, Fire, 💰 Money, and Your Sacred Magic Activated!

For Women who Decide and Declare their Divine Desires!

Join us for CA$H Hawaii in April 2023!

  • $3,555.00

    CA$H Hawaii 2023

    CA$H, The Metaphysics of Money is happening in person in Honolulu on April 5 & 6, 2023!
    Activating Savage Money!

Powerful Women Activate Other Women!

There is nothing like In Person Energy and Sisterhood!