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  • Uncover the Characteristics of a High Value Man who will Cherish and Adore you AND want the Stability and Comfort of long-term FOREVER Relationship.

  • Discover why you may be Subconsciously CHOOSING to stay single even though you SAY you want a Relationship.

  • Learn why CHEMISTRY is not the key factor in ATTRACTION and what is. HINT: Did you know that the Brain Prioritizes short term Pleasure over long term Qualities that make for a Successful Relationship! It's like YOU want LOVE and Commitment and your Brain wants a Booty Call!

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Becoming a "girlfriend" has no evolutionary, emotional, or spiritual history in humanity.

This is why it messes with our brains. Keeping us trapped in dead end mock relationships.

You owe it to yourself to Intelligently Invest in Learning Relationship Skills and Dynamics.  The Man you Marry is the most Important Decision and Investment you end up making in your Life.

  Research shows that THE QUALITY of your LIFE in all other areas is Impacted by the Quality of your Relationship! 

We Invest so much Time and Energy into our High End Education, Career Skills, Hobbies, and even Grooming - yet most Women Invest no TIME and ENERGY in Learning the Skills that will help them Embody Relationship Success! 

It's no wonder Dating and Relationships cause so much heartache for women! 

Don't leave such an Important and Impactful Decision to Chance. Learn the Skills and Dynamics that will Create the Foundation of your Life Long Happiness.

Rotational Dating is the KEY to cracking the dating and long-term relationship success code as it matches closely our evolutionary, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wiring.


She Got the RING!!

She got the RING!!!!  

Ahhh, I am just bursting with JOY right now! 

My lovely client got the ring after just 6 months of coaching! 


AGE:  My beautiful client is 40 years young.  

OCCUPATION: She is a Doctor/Entrepreneur. 

CULTURE: Russian/American 


OCCUPATION: High level government official/Entrepreneur 

CULTURE: Caucasian American 

When she came to me, she was dating one guy at a time and nothing was really going anywhere long term.  She was very coachable and clearly ready to have a serious relationship/marriage. 

I enrolled her in my Rotational Dating Program (Modern Dating for Queens), and a few other courses that she choose as part of her package. We worked on building a rotation of 3-4 men.  During this time we worked on some abandonment issues and some communication blocks that resulted from these patterns.  

Some of the men were not the clearest match of her love list, but we decided to keep them on to build up her container to receive.  

As she up-leveled her core beliefs and ways of embodiment, some guys would fall off her rotation and higher vibration men would quickly fill that space.  We worked on letting them go gracefully.  

She met her Fiancé 55 days ago through a mutual friend.  He was crystalline match for her love list.  A man of integrity, Proven Provider Values, and completely smitten by her!   My client had only on job on the dates:  Lean Back and Invoke the Gut Level Instinctual response from him. We worked on surrendering and letting him lead and letting the relationship play out organically. 

He professed his love for her on date 6.  She politely declined his request to be exclusive and let him know that she saving herself for her future husband.  

He Proposed on the 7th date.  She said yes!!  AHHHH!!  Congrats to the happy couple! And a special thanks for her generosity of letting me share her story.  

Our work is just beginning.... 

Her next steps: She will be let the other men on her rotation know that she is engaged. 

We will make sure any "container issues" that pop up now are resolved quickly and her container for his love and providing keeps expanding. 

We will move into asking for certain financial/legal documentation from him after allowing him to provide it himself (about 50% of the men do this without us asking). 

EKKKK!!  Can't wait to facetime with her tonight for our little special girl's celebration! I love you babes! Thanks for being so open and allowing me to be apart of this special journey with you!  

May the heavens, Angels, and God bless this Divine Union, forever.  Amen!

From Trapped as the Girlfriend to Wifey!


I've sat down a few times to write this email, but I wanted to make sure I gave it the attention it deserves.

I want to say THANK YOU for shining your light and sharing your truth on YouTube. It was what led me to your courses, and they have truly changed my life.

I started with the Worthy Woman course, which led me to explore relationships, money mindset, and finally, what it means to be a feminine embodiment of a high-value goddess. I know I have a long path ahead, but I'm no longer daunted. I know it will be easier than I ever expected, better than I imagined, and it will feel like an unfolding, a coming home to me - which is such a relief, because for years I struggled with trying to mold myself into the form of other women I admired. Now, I am more myself than ever - I've just peeled away the facade of trying to be what society or family might have wanted, and scrubbed away the darkness of trauma and victimhood.

I was raised by a mother with narcissistic personality disorder and a father who enabled her and was physically abusive himself. It left me confused about how to be in relationships in a healthy way, and there were many years where I sought the love I never got from my parents in the men that I dated. I'm sure you can guess how terribly that ended. I had a lot of baggage by the time I was in my mid-twenties and had given up on finding a husband.

Then I met my now-fiancee. I didn't see him as a potential boyfriend at the time - but as he proved he could establish himself financially and that he was willing to "rise to the occasion" to meet my standards, things shifted, and we started to both see each other as potential spouse material.

Of course, we both had growing up to do. And it hasn't always been an easy road. But last year, after having beeb his girlfriend for 7 years, I hit a breaking point. I decided I was tired of waiting, I wanted to be married, and I wasn't going to wait for him anymore. I didn't tell him, but my energy sure did. I did the 90 day relationship rehab and the conscious couples courses. I started putting myself first, taking care of me, and focusing on being the woman who was reciprocal for the kind of man I wanted. And about 6 months into all of this, I really noticed he shifted, too. He started taking me on very nice dates, he said goodbye to immature friends, and he started talking about how he was going to aggressively pursue raises in his career so that we could have the wedding, honeymoon, and home we both we wanted. I'll be honest, I didn't really believe him. I needed to see it to believe it.

And then, he planned a vacation for us. He didn't tell me any of the details, he didn't make me do any of the planning (something I hate to do), and it was better than I ever could have imagined. He proposed right at the beginning, and we spent the week at 5 star resorts and eating at the very best restaurants. He told me how he'd purposefully planned it so we would have lifetime memories of this important time together - it was perhaps the most loving and thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. I finally relaxed into trusting his love, and trusting I could have the relationship and life I wanted.

Never in my dreams would I have imagined my engagement would come with a week of luxury vacation. I always felt like I'd be so lucky to have the proposal that I wouldn't even care about where or how. I realize now how ridiculous that is - and how much more I deserve, and it kind of breaks my heart to see how little I thought I was worth.

Now we are planning our wedding - and it's again a reminder that I don't have to limit my desires. I can speak them with audacity and clarity, and receive even more than I expect.

Life gets to be magickly fantastic, awe-inspiring, and more richly beautiful than I could ever have imagined. This is the gift of goddess embodiment. ✨

Thank you for helping me find my way home to myself, Mina.

- Jennifer

Women standing in their power!

Dear Mina, 

I'm writing to share my success and gratitude.

Back in December, I started watching your content after going through a horrible break up. I was indeed TRAPPED in the girlfriend trap. I was blindly loyal to a man for two years, while unknowingly to me, he was rotational dating and sleeping with other people.
I had little to no identity outside of being a girlfriend, didn't even KNOW what rotational dating was, etc. My energy at this time revolved completely around being chosen by him. (Paid for meals, had zero sexual boundaries, had no voice, no clue what my desires were, no love list, no self worth, etc.)
I had almost zero self love. The self love I claimed to have was just that - a claim, but in hindsight, it was not embodied.
Thanks to your life changing advice, I am an entirely new woman. I quite literally followed your advice step-by-step. I downgraded my "boyfriend", started rotational dating using my love list, and walked away from anyone who didn't meet my non-negotiables on that LL with no exceptions.
I bossed up. I changed my diet, my mind set, started a spiritual business, enrolled in classes, meditated daily, practiced celibacy to reclaim my power, and arguably the best change, I established my "rules for entry". I closed the old door, and made room for new doors to be open. I emotionally detached from him and in doing so, allowed the masculine to work for the right to enter my heart.
He started begging for my emotional attachment - sending me money, asking me to join him on trips, calling me daily. Professing his love for me from all angles. He literally went full on Romeo mode (lol). This went on for a few months while I continued to lean back into my feminine energy.

He of course after seeing my glow up asked for exclusivity. But, I stuck to the script and embodiment of my desires.
Mina - LESS THAN 1 WEEK after I told him I was looking for marriage, and that I would continue to rotationally date until someone proposed to me that met my love list, he is trying to take me off the market.
Last night, he asked me if I'm "ready" to be proposed to. (He's indian, and I'm white. His parents have been trying to arrange his marriage the entire time I've known him.) He asked me if I'm ready because he knows he will have to go against his parents wishes to have me and doesn't want to face that unless he knows I'm in.
I stuck to my script and told him I was so flattered, and that I understood that he has to face adversity to be with me. I validated his vulnerability, etc. I said that I could see myself saying yes to your proposal, but until you're actually asking me, I will continue to rotational date, etc.
I could literally physically see him trying to work through solving the problems to get to me. He started laying out all the dates of when he plans to tell his parents to stop arranging marriage proposals, when they come back the states next month after their trip to India.
My hopes are not "up", I feel so stable and confident that if his words don't match his actions, It simply does not affect me because there are so many amazing men out there who would love the chance to take me off the market.
I can't thank you enough. You have literally changed my life and I needed to personally thank you for your incredible work. I have found myself so easily saying, "Thank God for Mina!"
You've shown me that my power and worth is inherent. My inner work journey has accelerated because of your teachings. I went from spending hours crying over this man, to laughing & playing through life.

I have shared your work with anyone who I think would benefit, and it has created some incredible conversations. Your commitment to healing the collective feminine is rippling world wide.
With love and gratitude, Savanna 

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  • Dating Diva Transformed

    “Hi Mina, yep he did proposed to me!! We are getting married in June. Wow Mina you know my story and you know that you helped me like I have no words to describe how much you helped me. I feel so blessed that I found you 2 years ago on youtube but I never knew my life was going to turn in such a positive way. II thought there were no good man and here I am today about to get married soon to a men who constantly is showing me he cares about me through real actions, constantly Mina. I will continue to learn from you because of the reason I have been following you, because you have a high value on marriage and teach me how to get there, also your High Value Worthy Woman program was the key to my success alone with the Goddess program thank you.” With love, Monica

  • Dating Diva Transformed

    "I came to this course (Modern Dating Intensive) thinking that there's not much I would learn from it, but oh boy, I was totally wrong. I am so grateful that I trusted Mina's recommendation more than I trusted my own knowledge. This course is a deep inner work, meaning It truly transformed who I am, what I think I am. This course cleared every doubt I had in my mind. I am so clear on what are my deepest desires, and what kind of a man I deeply want, and on the top of that I know exactly where to look for, and how to spot him, and how to welcome and invite him in my life. Of course, this all done by being feminine, playful and light, deeply knowing that I am a Queen who is worthy of king. I highly recommend taking this course with the sacred feminine intensive, which is something I did, they make the best combination. I always say that the sacred feminine saved my life, and this course saved my heart. The roads are clear to my happiness, joy, and life.” - Khadra from Seattle

  • Dating Diva Transformed

    "Wanted to post a success story!! I’ve applied many of the tips I’ve learned from Mina over the last two years that I’ve been with my amazing man, and on Friday he proposed! I’m over the moon and so thankful to be with someone so high value, strong and masculine. Thank you, Mina, for all that you post on here and for the way you encourage us ladies to embrace our feminine energy." -Cecellia