21 Days to Freedom, Fun, & Feminine Flow!

Learn to turn your struggles into Sacred Pleasure and information overload into Embodiment...

Join Mina Irfan, for 21 days of  Potent Energy Embodiments, Holy Shifts, and Miracle Mindsets and finally get into your Feminine Flow, Fun, and Freedom!!

It's no secret...

Self Aware Barbies love the struggle life.  

I get it because I was one for almost 2 decades!

I hustled when I should have flowed.

I struggled with I should have surrendered .

I was addicted to the grind and that struggle life!

I was committed to wrestling with life and making it way harder than it needed to be.

Ahhh, struggle no more!

Guess what, YOU ARE ENOUGH!!

You are worthy of having love without having to "earn it." 

You are worthy of having fun, without having to "work hard" first.

You are worthy of having freedom, without having to be a slave to everyone elses needs first!

In this 21 day challenge, errr....celebration (say no to challenge consciousness) you will get a new piece of content every day for 21 day motivating you to make life easy, breezyblissful, and free!


Over 5 Hours of BONUS Content just Added!

What You Get...

Every day for 21 days you will get a practice to rewire yourself to end the struggle life.  

You will get to keep the content for life and come to it any time you need.

Some of the practices will be harder for you than others but the whole point is to have fun and stretch your energetic container to be more at ease.

The content will be delivered in videos, audios, and/or posts depending on the exercise.

What the Current Struggle Free" Students are saying...