Hack your Human DNA & Energy Systems....

High End Millionairess Projector Energy and Transmissions....

All Types Welcome!! 

Learn to read your chart and intimately know your Design.

Learn why you can't work, relate, or live like others as your type.

Learn how to Become the Invitation instead of waiting to be invited.

Learn to animate and work with the entire Divine Feminine Human Design Blueprint.

Learn to work with your Divinely limited, but highly Magnetic and Potent Projector energy.

Learn to Project and Guard your Energy from Energy Vampires.

A whole lesson on dating, and relationships according to your design.

Learn what your design says about creating love, life, success, and healing on the planet, the Projector way.

All sessions will be recorded and available for lifetime access.

All future additions and upgrades to this intensive will be added to your existing dashboard. 

Available inside this Course Portal

Lesson 1: How to Read Your Human Design Chart and what it all means (available now)

Lesson 2:  The Divine Feminine Blueprint.  How to use all of the Authorities, and Animate the Various Profiles.  

Lesson 3: Hack Your DNA. How to Decondition and Reprogram each Center for A Blissful and Abundant life 

Lesson 4: The Divine Feminine Seductress. Dating, Relationships, & Containment 

Lesson 5:  Divine Feminine Manifestation. How to Work your strategy in Relationships, Career, and Life 

Lesson 6: MO MONEY in your Divine Design 

I am ready to get Activated & Aligned as Divinely Designed!

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