1:1 Coaching package with Mina Irfan.

What this Package Includes:

  • This bundle includes 7, 30 minutes coaching calls with Mina

  • 18 months access to Mina’s Accelerated University Bundle. This bundles includes all of Mina’s current course offerings.

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I Am Ready to become the Top 1% Woman in every area of my life!

The Top 1% Woman

When Michelangelo was asked by the Pope about his genius in creating the David. He responded, “It's simple. I just remove everything that is not David.”

Like Michelangelo, every year, I remove from my life all that is not MINA IRFAN. 

I let go of 80% of my old identity, environment, habits, embodiments, and focused on the top 20% that would take me into the next realm of existence. 

I now travel like my the top 1% of my desires. 

Eat and exercise like the top 1%. 

Live in my dream 1% mansion. 

Drive my top 1% car. 

My entire wardrobe is the top 1% of my desires. 

My relationships and friendships are only with the top 1% of my soul mate tribe. 

In 2022 I made Thinkific’s #1 seller for 2022 after being #2 for a while. 

My income ranks within the top 1% within the top 1% for all US incomes - male or female. 

This means I make more in a month what the top 1% make in a year. 

The overflow of my work has created a ripple effect in the consciousness of the planet. 

Changing the fabric of time/space. 

None of this was an accident.  It was a desire and intention cast from the depths of my soul’s energetic blueprint. 

As I look into 2023, I set the intention to raise the floor once again.

Excited to travel this next astronomical distance with you.  

Oceans of Abundance,

Mina Irfan