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Have money to manifest ALL your desires, tip like a millionaire diva, and give to your favorite charities without ever having to worry about your bank balance ever again?

How would it feel to have money working for you in Divine Grace and Flow instead of you hustling for money all the time?

Do you worry about money?

Worry about earning it. Not making enough? or Not being able to keep it once it comes?

Worry about being able to manage your wealth once you attract it?

Do you ditch and abandon your heart's truest desires because of your lack consciousness?

Do you feel uncertain on how to support yourself without a "job" and effort and hard work?

Are you afraid to ask for what you are truly worth?

Stop settling and living less than the life that God intended for you! 

Life was NOT meant to be lived in lack! All your hearts desire's are placed there by the Divine! 

How delicious, freeing, and liberating would it feel to live in complete alignment with God's plan for you and have an overflow of abundance?

What would your life be like if you had full control over your wealth consciousness?

If Money became a life long friend and even a divine lover instead of the bogey man?

So you could finally move on to enjoying your life to the fullest without having to pinch pennies or worry where more money will come from ever again. 

Join Multi-millionaire, 7 Figure Money Priestess, Mina Irfan, in the never before taught, Money Magic Mastery Wealth Consciousness Course.

What You Will Learn:

End the Cash strapped stress driving a wedge between you and your ultimate bliss as your deeply activate your Money Mastery Magic.

Release Shame and Self-Sat

How to heal your money wounds and ancestral trauma, and even past live poverty vows...

How to expand your money mojo to attract and hold on to more money! 

How Money works energetically and how to have a magnetic relationship with it.

How to raise your value and step into a new level of self-worth and net worth consciousness.

How to activate your ovarian power to allow the flow of abundance in new and rich ways into your life. 

Learn how to live a life of wealth and abundance by being in alignment with YOUR true nature.

Why you worry about Money and how to overcome lack consciousness once and for all.

How to merge the gap between mindset, spirituality, energy healing, psychology, and Divine Feminine embodiment to conquer your ancestral money vows and taboos as you ascend your wealth consciousness.

Mina Irfan's 7 Figure secrets to making, keeping, and enjoying Money just like God intended for you to.

My client, Sharmeen just 3X her investment into my programs…. And she just got started!

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My client Abby signed up top paying clients within weeks of joining my program. 

Leila quit her full time job within a few months.

Lara took my courses and now teaches women in her country the same feminine empowerment principles she learned to embody. 

Arielle got over her money blocks and finally started charging for her divine gifts for the first ever only weeks after entering my priestess portal. 

Jasleen, 10X her marriage, started her dream business, AND manifested the job she wanted! 

Thousands of women credit my work for having changed their lives for the better. 

NOTHING makes me happier than seeing WOMEN stand in their power.  My mother died from cancer and adrenal fatigue from her over giving ways.  I WON'T stand for women not knowing their truth worth.

I have vowed my life to being a ROLE MODEL LEADING the return of THE DIVINE FEMININE.

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