Heal Your Money Wounds and Uncover your full Money potential by creating through the unlimited Quantum Field of Abundance.

Allowing and Attracting Riches, Lashings of Cash, and Build Your Elegant Empire the Divine Feminine Way

Want to become the richest and luckiest woman you know?

Have money to manifest ALL your desires, tip like a millionaire diva, and give to your favorite charities without ever having to worry about your bank balance ever again?

How would it feel to have money working for you in Divine Grace and Flow instead of you hustling for money all the time?

Do you worry about money?

Worry about earning it. Not making enough? or Not being able to keep it once it comes?

Worry about being able to manage your wealth once you attract it?

Do you ditch and abandon your heart's truest desires because of your lack consciousness?

Do you feel uncertain on how to support yourself without a "job" and effort and hard work?

Are you afraid to ask for what you are truly worth?

Stop settling and living less than the life that God intended for you! 

Life was NOT meant to be lived in lack! All your hearts desire's are placed there by the Divine! 

How delicious, freeing, and liberating would it feel to live in complete alignment with God's plan for you and have an overflow of abundance?

What would your life be like if you had full control over your wealth consciousness?

If Money became a life long friend and even a divine lover instead of the boogey man?

So you could finally move on to enjoying your life to the fullest without having to pinch pennies or worry where more money will come from ever again. 

Join Multi-millionaire, 8 Figure Money Priestess, Mina Irfan, in the never before taught, Money Magic Mastery Wealth Consciousness Course.

What You Will Learn:

  • End the Cash strapped stress driving a wedge between you and your ultimate bliss as your deeply activate your Money Mastery Magic.
  • Release Shame and Self-Sabotage.
  • How to heal your money wounds and ancestral trauma, and even past live poverty vows...
  • How to expand your money mojo to attract and hold on to more money! 
  • How Money works energetically and how to have a magnetic relationship with it.
  • How to raise your value and step into a new level of self-worth and net worth consciousness.
  • How to activate your ovarian power to allow the flow of abundance in new and rich ways into your life. 
  • Learn how to live a life of wealth and abundance by being in alignment with YOUR true nature.
  • Why you worry about Money and how to overcome lack consciousness once and for all.
  • How to merge the gap between mindset, spirituality, energy healing, psychology, and Divine Feminine embodiment to conquer your ancestral money vows and taboos as you ascend your wealth consciousness.

Mina Irfan's 8 Figure secrets to making, keeping, and enjoying Money just like God intended for you to.

Immediate access to over 27 hours of potent, energy shifting, high vibration content.

BONUS: Millionairess Embodiment Playshop has now been added to this course!

BONUS: Financial literacy series NEW FOR 2024! Learn how to create masculine containers of exponential wealth without going into peasant consciousness. 

This is a new series of trainings on unhooking money beyond survival and making it rain spiritually.

My client, Sharmeen just 3X her investment into my programs…. And she just got started!

Row was about to get fired and was living in a basement when she came to work with me. She now has a large office with a view, makes more money, and bought her dream home - all while 100X her marriage and intimacy. She even manifested the money she invested into the program immediately after joining! 

My client Abby signed up top paying clients within weeks of joining my program. 

Leila quit her full time job within a few months.

Lara took my courses and now teaches women in her country the same feminine empowerment principles she learned to embody. 

Arielle got over her money blocks and finally started charging for her divine gifts for the first ever only weeks after entering my priestess portal. 

Jamie 10X her marriage, started her dream business, AND manifested the job she wanted! 

irina manifested her dream luxury vacation just days after joining the Money Magic Mastery program!

Theeba got a 10,000 pounds pay raise, 15,000 pound bonus, and manifest her dream luxury car just weeks into the money magic Mastery program!

Amy paid all of her business and student loan debt weeks after completing her money inner work!

Thousands of women credit my work for having changed their lives for the better. 

NOTHING makes me happier than seeing WOMEN stand in their power.  My mother died from cancer and adrenal fatigue from her over giving ways.  I WON'T stand for women not knowing their truth worth.

I have vowed my life to being a ROLE MODEL LEADING the return of THE DIVINE FEMININE.


While the praise on this page is from real live people who have worked with me in various capacities and gotten incredible results, I can't guarantee individual results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.  

As noted in our Terms and Conditions: TheUniverseGuru LLC cannot and does not give any guarantees on results or earnings with our information, courses, programs. masterminds, masterclasses, coaching, plans, tools, or strategies. 

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Inner Work has the best Return on Investment!

Students are manifesting the amounts they invested into the program and more only days in!

"Mina, I have purchased a few of your courses and just wanted to say THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU, you have honestly changed my life. I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for a few years now and always thought that your courses were out of my league financially but hoped that maybe one day I would have enough disposable income to invest in them. 

I started with the High Value Worthy Woman Ascension and a few others… this year I was able to purchase Million dollar babes, which is my absolute favorite course of yours I’ve bought so far. Because of this course I’m able to call in larger and larger amounts of money effortlessly that I’m now able to use to purchase your higher level courses and invest in other ways that light me up. I’m a stay at home mum and don’t work, and am still bringing in nearly the same amount of money I was earning when I was employed (but without doing anything except inner work & expanding my consciousness, which I enjoy doing!). 

I’m ready for the next level! It’s amazing knowing that the more money I invest in your beautiful courses the bigger the returns for me in all aspects of my life! Thankyou for everything you have done for me! I am truly truly grateful. 

Kind regards, Kerara"

Dear Mina

I just wanted to say Thank you.  I bought these courses hoping to get more money and do some inner work but I didn’t expect what happened next. 

With the million dollar exercises, for once I was in my body and at ease. I was at ease . I am literally crying tears of release writing this email. But it was the most relaxed I have been in my life. No resistance. No chatter. Ease. I feel so good. And enjoying this embodiment and bliss knowing that I this is the feeling I have been searching for  in the quest for everything

I am still a million dollar luxury babe. But a really relaxed one. A happy one. At ease with the universe. Thanks for the existential kink reference. Changed my life: I really love all that  is me now .

Thank you for holding this space for me.
Love, Tino

I Am the Million Dollar Babe Rainmaker!

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Course curriculum

    1. Millionairess Playshop and Inner Work

    2. Activate Your Ascension into Abundance

    3. Quantum Leap 4 Level Ahead Technique

    4. Money is just a Story We Tell

    5. How to Manifest Money

    6. MONEY: No Struggle Required

    7. Release and Reset | Quantum Queen Consciousness

    8. Releasing and Clearing Emotional Addictions and Old Programming

    9. BONUS: Wealth Consciousness Party & Q&A

    10. Mental Images as Creation Codes | How to be Spiritual, Rich, & Glamorous through Expanding Your Mental Imagery

    11. You Are A Location in Time and Space

    12. Re-framing Debt Consciousness

    13. You get to be Wealthy in all Areas of Life

    14. Decoding Shame and Fear Consciousness

    15. Wealthy Woman Activation

    16. The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma)

    17. BONUS: Womb Presence Meditation and Q&A

    18. BONUS: Quantum Leap 4 Levels Ahead Process

    19. New for 2024! From hunger games to making it rain spiritually

    1. How to use the 21 Day Invocation

    2. 21 Day Money Cord Cutting Invocation

    3. Your Wealth Consciousness Container - Explanation

    4. AMPLIFY Your Wealth Consciousness Container - Exercise

    5. Ho oponopono Consciousness Clearing and Forgiveness Exercise

    6. Them and Me Exercise

    7. Then and Now Exercise

    8. Asking/Receiving Money Exercise

    9. Creating Space and Moving Out Old Energy

    10. Womb Seated Receiving Exercise

    1. Raise Your Money Mojo Challenge Day One

    2. Raise Your Money Mojo Challenge Day Two

    3. Raise Your Money Mojo Challenge Day Three

    4. Priestess Power & Prosperity Party

    5. How Women Sabotage Money

    6. LAW OF ATTRACTION MY Millionaire Story (It Works!)

    7. The RECESSION Proof Woman (Law of Attraction Millionaire)

    8. Attract WEALTH by Increasing FLOW of MONEY (without Spending a Dime!)

    9. Let Money Come to You (Manifesting Styles and Embodiments)

    1. Rich Girl Energy

    2. Your Rich Girl Lifestyle

    3. Your Rich Girl Assets

    1. Divine Money Pre-Work

    2. If Money Was Your Baby (Money 101)

    3. Turning Rich into Wealth (Stop Asking Money for Permission)

    1. MONEY: Past, present, and future (Financial Literacy Training 1)

    2. MONEY : When God is your Financial Advisor (Financial Literacy Training 2)

    3. MONEY: The six figure trap (Financial Literacy Training 3)

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