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Ready to Function at Your Full Potential and Personal Power but Have no clue how to Dominate your Triggers, Banish Insecurities, Overcome Self-Doubt, and Gain Emotional Self-Mastery?

Mina Irfan

Life Coach and Feminine Spirituality Teacher

Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor

Mina Irfan

Mina Irfan's work is a divine marriage between Femininity, Meta-Physics, and Spirituality. Mina stands for taking full personal responsibility for your life, finding alignment with your truest desires, and being a co-creator of your own life path.

Praise for Mina's Work

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More Praise for Mina's Work

I REALLY NEED TO THANK YOU. The last couple of days and weeks I have been growing, healing, and it's gone up to a whole other level since watching and really actively practicing what I've learned from manifestation babes and the love light meditations. I've NEVER felt more loved, safe or aligned than I have the last couple of days. Learning about the power of living from my heart, upgrading my nervous system and knowing that I can truly live a life of bliss, even in the middle of all that is going on, and that it IS possible to never leave has been incredible and it feels so beautiful and incredible. I realized I've been sharing with everyone but you and you're the biggest reason why I've been transforming so THANK YOU MINA.



“Mina developed this program at just the right moment for me- Divine Timing, as she calls it- because I had already interviewed with several successful coaches who I ultimately declined to work with. Mina was different because she works in true and complete alignment with what she teaches. Her life is an open book and she actually practices what she preaches. This is the only way to be, in my opinion, and it’s what I strive to achieve in my own business. I want my clients to know what kind of relationship I will help them manifest, because that is what they are signing on for with me. Mina is the only high-achieving feminine energy coach who I found that actually operates with this philosophy.


The second reason I chose her was that she values herself and does not play small. I did not want to work with a coach who would teach me to undervalue myself, and therefore I was attracted to Mina’s high value work. The price of the program was very attractive to me because it was a stretch to invest in it. You read that right! The investment is an important aspect of the program. Stretching to pay for Mina’s program is what kicked me in the pants to develop my own flagship program (Find Your King & Get The Ring), and take on my first high value client. The timing worked out perfectly, of course! Mina encouraged and inspired me, and I’m so glad she did.


The third reason I chose Mina’s training program was that she is always changing and evolving. She’s never stagnating. Always leveling up. How could you choose a mentor to help you reach the next level, if they are not continuously leveling up themselves? Many other coaches operate under this model, and I could not see myself achieving a certification then doing the same thing, over and over, for years at a time. Mina’s dynamic and energetic approach, and constantly evolving brand, is real and inspiring.


Since I’ve been in the program and learning from Mina, I can say that she is 100% genuine. When she first introduced me in her Facebook group, I bumbled the needed technology terribly. She maintained complete poise & grace and stayed in her high vibe positive energy throughout. This grace under pressure convinced me she is the real deal, and has never let me down. She responds promptly to any questions I have and is always my biggest cheerleader throughout this journey. It is not always easy, to be sure, but her support and awareness of the real challenges make it a joy to undertake.  


The program has been more informative than I could’ve ever anticipated. Mina delivers content that is exactly what I need at the right time. She’s made adjustments and remained flexible whenever the situation called for it. “ – Leila Tomasone Relationship Coach and Love Stylist 


"Mina’s program has been a game changer in my spiritual & emotional development. Through these teachings I have been able to uncover and release deep residing energetic blocks that still remained after many years of inner work. Mina puts her heart and genuine love into infusing us with divine guidance and opened my soul up to uncovering many spiritual gifts." - Rhea from Soulducate 


 " I must say that this course (Sacred Feminine Intensive) is the most powerful course I have ever seen, it's beyond imagination. I am completely a different person in the period of three months.  I often say that this course saved my life, I do regret every moment of my life that I didn't have this information. Looking back at my life I honestly wonder how did I live my life. Life is much easier, brighter, prettier. It's much more peaceful.  Love and peace are the two things I have being deeply craving my entire life and I found them here.  When I decided to change my life, and want to sign up for this course I didn't have a penny. But I made it happen anyway believing that this is what I need to get to where I want to be. I have never regret it, and if it was a million or two or a mountain of money, I see myself happily paying for it over and over again. Why? Because it's worth is beyond all that. I am living the life of my dreams, what else could I ask for? It So worth it " -Khadra from Seattle 


"Wanted to post a success story!! I’ve applied many of the tips I’ve learned from Mina over the last two years that I’ve been with my amazing man, and on Friday he proposed! I’m over the moon and so thankful to be with someone so high value, strong and masculine. Thank you, Mina, for all that you post on here and for the way you encourage us ladies to embrace our feminine energy." -Cecellia

“One of the best characteristics that Mina has as a life coach is that she truly believes that I can accomplish the goal I have set out to do. Her belief is so contagious that I start believing that I can! Within the first 21 days of starting my coaching sessions with her, I lost 10 lbs. without any stress around food. Now I am only 8 lbs away from my “goal” weight. Mina encourages me beyond what I think is possible, so after this first personal goal, I will keep going to be fitter than I ever was. ” — Zulma from YouTube: ZookPaperCo

Mina Irfan I want to thank you for the HVWW Kit. I began working it a few days ago and have gotten to Section 4. It was a huge breakthrough for me working on the worksheets. I literally cried when I wrote everything on paper and realized what has been holding me back and causing my triggers. I was in tears bc I realized, admitted, released and at the same time overly joyful over the breakthrough. I had to ask forgiveness from hubby bc it had to do with him. He recognized it but waited on me to come around and recognize for myself. It felt so good to be at peace with myself and him and literally yesterday was like the best of my best days. Everything was going my way 😊 remainder of the day. I felt I was on top of the world. Your program really works if you put In the work and get completely vulnerable and honest with yourself. Moving on to next phase. Thank you again Mina for the wonderful program! -S.H

OK Seriously anybody watching this, GO BUY the programs. The High Value Worthy Woman program is worth its weight in GOLD. This is the first self development program that I've bought that's actually working for me, and I have tried just about everything. <3 -TSP

“Hi ladies! One year ago today I bought my first programs: lifetime access to babes club (I had the monthly access before that), relationship rehab, the healthy eating program , high value worthy woman toolkit, and the sacred feminine intensive. I'm not one to spend money on anyone's programs but for some reason I knew it would change my life. In fact, I didn't even have enough money in my account for the sacred intensive and ended up asking my husband for some money for it. I made it happen and I'm literally a new person and my life is completely different and I've manifested so many crazy amazing things in my life.

Last new years, my husband didn't want to move out from the basement room we were living in, didn't want kids with me, and wanted to divorce me. I was constantly getting triggered by him and self-sabotaging my relationships with him and FAM and friends.

This year with the help of Mina and her programs, I’ve healed from some deep child hood wounds, I have a healthy happy baby girl, and my husband truly loves me and lavishes me with his sweet acts of love, and I manifested my dream house!

I wish I found these programs sooner and if you're on the fence...don't be just get a program that calls to you. I'd be happy to help if anyone has questions. I've pretty much taken all of them except 2 I think. I know money holds a lot of people back...and the funny thing is with Minas teachings and her emphasis on minamalizing I actually have more money in my account than I had in 5 or so years!! Best of luck to all you beautiful ladies. Sending yoy Love and Light.

If you're still on the fence about whether or not to do this, then say yes. This intensive has truly been life-saving and life-changing for me and I'm very blessed to have been a part of it. Mina is an incredible spiritual/life/feminine guide who truly feels like an amazing friend or close sister as well. Through the Sacred Feminine Intensive I have healed so much of my pain, physical and emotional that I had been carrying for over 25 years. I had been suffering from horrible PMS (PMDD) symptoms and through her programs and GREEN SMOOTHIES recipe, I've healed greatly. - Row A.


If you're still on the fence about whether or not to do this, then say yes. This intensive has truly been life-saving and life-changing for me and I'm very blessed to have been a part of it. Mina is an incredible spiritual/life/feminine guide who truly feels like an amazing friend or close sister as well. Through the Sacred Feminine Intensive I have healed so much of my pain, physical and emotional that I had been carrying for over 25 years. I had been suffering from horrible PMS (PMDD) symptoms and through her programs and GREEN SMOOTHIES recipe, I've healed greatly. 

After spending in-person time meditating, practicing feminine walk, releasing, etc with Mina and my girls I write this now with so much more peace and love in my heart than I could ever imagine or think was possible for me. Thank you Mina for marrying my human and my spirit and for helping me realize that this is the most precious union in the universe. I'm no longer scared or nervous about being in my feminine and actually embody femininity with so much more ease and comfort. 

Last, but not marriage with my husband is the best it's ever been and has been the saving grace for us. I've been working on self-help for the last 13 years and no one has ever been able to cohesively put together a program that is this ground-breaking and easy to access. Thank you Mina! Blessed to have found you on my journey in living a loving, conscious life. - Row 


“Our families ultimate goal is financial independence. Mina and Irfan are experienced, knowledgeable teachers who have been guiding us in a positive, friendly environment. My husband and I have always struggled with money and Irfan is excellent at explaining complicated concepts in easy to understand language. Together they have formulated a systematic approach to managing and understanding finances, helping us have a clear overview of what’s happening, whereas in the past we were just drifting without anchor in a sea of debt and financial carnage. We love the personal, individualized attention. We hope to pass on the legacy of our learnings to our daughter, and we look forward to continuing our journey with Mina and Irfan.”

— Saera & Brad

Within a few days I uncovered one unconscious belief that I had no IDEA I've been carrying around for the past six years. Working on correcting it now. Such a valuable program. - Emily

“Amazing coaching. Helped me put my life into focus and already big things are happening in my life. Thanks Mina!!!!”

— N.V

For those of you that haven’t yet joined the High Value Babes Club, don’t hesitate. We had our first live call this morning and it was amazing. I can’t wait to hear about the breakthroughs that I know will be inevitable among these women. So many of us in real life don’t have women that we can have intimate conversations with about what is happening in our lives and these topics we are interested in. This group already feels like a place where we can join together and hold space for one another in a very safe environment. Thank you so much, Mina. I have no doubt I was divinely led to you just in time to join along on this journey. -Misty

I couldn't figure out what I was missing in LOA. This is by far the best explanation on how LOA works and how to use it properly. Loved every minute of it. I really liked how you connected and related everything together.  Now I get it. So many Aha moments, my mind is blown. Totally eye opening. I loved the Rewire meditation practice. It felt so good.  OMG, this is truly life changing information. I would be practicing this everyday for sure. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this.  Absolutely BEST session, I am so grateful to you Mina. -Fathima

High value babes club is for all the ladies who are looking for truly accepting, encouraging the transformation from inside out. I never felt so free of the judgements I have imposed on myself. Thank you Mina. - Rakhee


Wow!!!  Just finished the 1st Babe's session and it IS live coaching on the topic at hand. I am so thankful I didn't allow my reservations of joining stop me from joining. The price goes up tomorrow so just try it for one month. If it's not for you, just unsubscribe to the club of AWESOMEness and JUICYness. Today's topic went beyond the title of discussion. It was vulnerable, honest, and without judgement. Thank You Mina Irfan! – Cherline


The Sacred Feminine Intensive with Mina is an intimate yet powerful & heart expanding experience. I felt so safe and supported by Mina and the amazing women in the group as well. There was an instant bond between us as women and we felt true connection. We were all there to build each other up & encourage growth. I gained so much clarity & understanding of who I am and why I have created a shield of protection around me that does not serve me. And, of course, Mina delivers her juicy tools to dissolve all of the resistance that blocks us from our true freedom, pleasure & joy. This course is a gem.❤️ - KARIANNE 


For all the ladies that are on the fence I encourage you to join. It is a place of encouragement, growth and intimate conversations we all crave. I was on the fence myself but am glad I joined! –Famina


Ladies, if you have thought about having your own business but are overwhelmed by all the programs out there ask yourself why do you want one?  Is it for financial independence? Is it so you can spend more time with your family? Is it so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy?  If your intention is to enjoy your life this program is for you.  I have taken many courses but this one is by far the best.  It attracts me on so many levels.  A small group of people that your can safely shares your ideas with. Lots of real life examples, stories and inspiration. Personal 1/1 coaching from Mina Irfan.  What attracted me was the feminine way of doing business that won’t leave you feeling burned out.  I have a husband, 3 kids, a dog and a full time job and never thought I could put in the time it takes to start a new business.  The thought of that just made me tired.  However, with the High Value Feminine Business Mastermind  program, I’m so excited to do the weekly assignments and have already so many ideas. Mina’s topics include mindset, feminine vs masculine business models and she is honest about how there is more than one way to build your business to succeed. - F.S

Mina’s High Value Business Program was just the push I needed to kickstart my business in the right direction. Without her guidance and ongoing support, I would have wasted countless hours trying to figure out small details on my own. The weekly calls and assignments held me accountable and pushed me towards achieving my dream of starting my own online business. I even landed my first client by the end of the program. Thank you so much, Mina! - Sharmin 

I wanted to mention that I'm LOVING your Feminine Business Program!  It is full of punch - you've done an amazing job and feel like you really have captured all the high value important lessons (mindset, social media strategies, audience, pricing, etc.) and put it in to 5 training sessions.  Loving the program and it's pushing me in great ways!  Thanks for creating this. - Carrie


Ladies, I want to share with you that I always wished that my hubby would go on romantic weekends with me. He never wanted 🙁 and I wasn’t able to communicate my desire and needs without ending in a fight. I learned trough the work with Mina so much about communication and female - male dynamics.
Shortly after the 90 day relationship Program he planned some days in Rome for us 😍. And now, about 14 days later, he planned a weekend in Madrid ❤️. I am so happy and thankful Mina ❤️ and I want to thank this group also, you are so helpful and kind and we can learn from each other 💕 -Julia

“Hi Mina, just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the programs you offer. I love the Activation program and the Sacred, now the Sacred is where I finally understood the reason of why we are here, what is our purposed and the purposed of life. From my point of view, we are here to love, we are here to express the love that God has for us, a continuation of his love.

I understand now that I am not part of this world and that I am an spiritual being living in a mortal body. By knowing this, now I feel more compassion towards me and others. We are messengers of love and we dont have to say it or convince anyone but just by our actions people can feel it, it all ends that we are beings of emotions. I also learn that meditation is the way to communicate with God and is something that we need to do every day of our lives.

Your teachings changed my life and help understand that God is the only answer and that I dont have to struggle because he knows better and everything that comes from him is effortless and that I must wait for his timing and he will decide what is better for me, only he knows what is better for me so the wait is a beautiful journey because I trust in him. I am working on trying to live everyday like is my last day and that keeps me away from too much

Material things are nothing compared to the abundance God has for us. God bless you, your work and your family.

With love,