Modern Dating for Mature Women

Modern Dating for Mature Women. A Cosmic Dance between Science, Spirituality, and the Art of Polarity.


Love Light Meditations

Love Light Meditations A collection of useful, every day Meditations

2 x $997.00

Fire, Flow, & Fierce Frequency, Feminine Flavors

2 Days of Potently Powerful In Person Immersion to Fierce Frequency Flavors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with Spiritual Lifestylist, Mina Irfan


Sacred FEMININE Intensive May 2019

Sacred Feminine Advanced Spiritual Intensive 3 Months of Advanced Training- 12 total Lessons

$197.00 / month

Magnetism & Miracles Group Coaching

Magnetism & Miracles Law of Attraction, 4D Vision Boards, Abundance, and BLISS Beyond Belief


Personal Power Activation

Personal Power Activation Awaken Your Inner SuperPowers