$4,800.00 first payment, $1,200.00 / month onwards

The Universe Guru Teacher Training

Teacher Training with Mina Irfan 12 Months of Coaching and Creation Co-Create Your Business with Divine Intelligence

3 x $250.00

Hypnotic Sex - A Tantalizing Sexual Adventure

Hypnotic Sex - A Tantalizing Sexual Adventure - Strictly 21+ Welcome to Your Sexual Awakening "A Striptease for the Soul"


Creating CONSCIOUS Couples Using Intelligent LOVE 2.0

Creating Conscious Couples Using Intelligent LOVE. Raise Your Relationship Consciousness. Advanced Relationship Intensive.

4 x $250.00

Fire, Flow, & Goddess Consciousness

2 Days of Potently Powerful In Person Immersion to Feminine Embodiment through elevating our Goddess Consciousness in Houston, TX with Spiritual Lifestylist, Mina Irfan