Are you always struggling to keep your vibe high?

Do negative people siphon your energy, leaving you exhausted and emotional?

Does your partner trigger you daily while your intimacy remains AWOL?

Are you putting out other people’s fires so much that it’s become your unpaid side-hustle?

Acting ‘as if’ you’re living a life you love with a smile plastered on your face just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Those big dreams and desires you want to manifest are bubbling up within you and unless you get your hot-mess handled, you know they won’t become reality.

You keep working harder and harder trying to overcome the numbness and frustration that are holding you back, but find yourself wondering, “Why work so hard if I can never get ahead?”

It’s time to activate your feminine ascension and breakthrough to clarity, confidence, and magnetic consciousness!

High Value Worthy Woman ASCENSION Program
 A Potent Inner Work Portal to Conquering Your Triggers, Overcoming Doubt, Claiming Confidence, and Finally Stepping Into Your Full Personal Power!

Current New Student Testimonials

I just finished the High Vibration Worthy Woman Ascension course and I have to tell you that the information you have provided has been like nothing I have ever heard before. I used to think I had a pretty good outlook and understanding in life but this course has truly taught me things I didn’t even know or never thought of and it has me so excited to learn more. And within the short time I have been taking this course my marriage has changed drastically!! I have read SO MANY books on marriage and none of them worked. And working on myself has worked the most. Realizing I am worthy worked the most. And it’s even been causing my husband to grow! The arguments we would get into before, now I literally just set my own “unspoken” boundaries and he has just been respecting my boundaries so much easier than when we would argue about them! He has even been so much happier in our relationship, helping me with our 3 kids and one on the way, cleaning, and being a lot more kind on top of being a “proud” provider now that I am not working. And I have learned to appreciate his masculine energy and be in my feminine energy more. And I can see he has fun being a man. And for me… goodness. I let so much go now. I’m less controlling. And witnessing before my eyes my husband becoming more of a man. I’m still growing and SO EXCITED to learn more. The stuff you are doing is making a huge difference in the world. God bless you ❤️ and don’t ever be discouraged because you’re blessing more people than you realize.


Hi, Mina. I am happy to report that your course is life changing. Before I booked it I cried. I never was so sure in my core I needed the high vibration worthy woman course. My sister is super happy as well and she pointed out that I am a lot calmer, happier with myself.  I don't know how you do it but every module - the way your course is structured - it is on point.  You are God sent - thank you very much - may alll your blessings be multiplied 11 folds.  -LKJ

Dear Mina, 

I'm writing to share my success and gratitude.

Back in December, I started watching your content after going through a horrible break up. I was indeed TRAPPED in the girlfriend trap. I was blindly loyal to a man for two years, while unknowingly to me, he was rotational dating and sleeping with other people.
I had little to no identity outside of being a girlfriend, didn't even KNOW what rotational dating was, etc. My energy at this time revolved completely around being chosen by him. (Paid for meals, had zero sexual boundaries, had no voice, no clue what my desires were, no love list, no self worth, etc.)
I had almost zero self love. The self love I claimed to have was just that - a claim, but in hindsight, it was not embodied.
Thanks to your life changing advice, I am an entirely new woman. I quite literally followed your advice step-by-step. I downgraded my "boyfriend", started rotational dating using my love list, and walked away from anyone who didn't meet my non-negotiables on that LL with no exceptions.
I bossed up. I changed my diet, my mind set, started a spiritual business, enrolled in classes, meditated daily, practiced celibacy to reclaim my power, and arguably the best change, I established my "rules for entry". I closed the old door, and made room for new doors to be open. I emotionally detached from him and in doing so, allowed the masculine to work for the right to enter my heart.
He started begging for my emotional attachment - sending me money, asking me to join him on trips, calling me daily. Professing his love for me from all angles. He literally went full on Romeo mode (lol). This went on for a few months while I continued to lean back into my feminine energy.

He of course after seeing my glow up asked for exclusivity. But, I stuck to the script and embodiment of my desires.
Mina - LESS THAN 1 WEEK after I told him I was looking for marriage, and that I would continue to rotationally date until someone proposed to me that met my love list, he is trying to take me off the market.
Last night, he asked me if I'm "ready" to be proposed to. (He's indian, and I'm white. His parents have been trying to arrange his marriage the entire time I've known him.) He asked me if I'm ready because he knows he will have to go against his parents wishes to have me and doesn't want to face that unless he knows I'm in.
I stuck to my script and told him I was so flattered, and that I understood that he has to face adversity to be with me. I validated his vulnerability, etc. I said that I could see myself saying yes to your proposal, but until you're actually asking me, I will continue to rotational date, etc.
I could literally physically see him trying to work through solving the problems to get to me. He started laying out all the dates of when he plans to tell his parents to stop arranging marriage proposals, when they come back the states next month after their trip to India.
My hopes are not "up", I feel so stable and confident that if his words don't match his actions, It simply does not affect me because there are so many amazing men out there who would love the chance to take me off the market.
I can't thank you enough. You have literally changed my life and I needed to personally thank you for your incredible work. I have found myself so easily saying, "Thank God for Mina!"
You've shown me that my power and worth is inherent. My inner work journey has accelerated because of your teachings. I went from spending hours crying over this man, to laughing & playing through life.

I have shared your work with anyone who I think would benefit, and it has created some incredible conversations. Your commitment to healing the collective feminine is rippling world wide.
With love and gratitude, Savanna

Hi Mina!

I really wanted to thank you for your beautiful divinely guided work. Where do I begin! I have been on my inner work journey for about 5 years. I went through a time in therapy to process a lot of my inner wounds from my childhood and past, then on my own. It has all progresses at a slow but steady pace. When I ran across your work it was like magic. I made LEAPS within myself. The way you explain things, connect with your clients, and the processes you share are just perfect. I feel so happy, so free, and so rooted in my life for the first time and the best part is “it gets to be easy”! Lol
All I can say is Thank You from the bottom of my heart and I wish you and your beautiful family nothing but love and success. ❤

Ps. The way I ran across your channel was searching for how to get rid of gray hairs and I immediately thought, “look at this 20 something girl, I’m sure has like 3 grays”. You look so much younger! Glad I clicked because God had a plan for me and guided me to you.

Much love,


"Mina, I have purchased a few of your courses and just wanted to say THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU, you have honestly changed my life. I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for a few years now and always thought that your courses were out of my league financially but hoped that maybe one day I would have enough disposable income to invest in them. 

I started with the High Value Worthy Woman Ascension and a few others… this year I was able to purchase Million dollar babes, which is my absolute favorite course of yours I’ve bought so far. Because of this course I’m able to call in larger and larger amounts of money effortlessly that I’m now able to use to purchase your higher level courses and invest in other ways that light me up. I’m a stay at home mum and don’t work, and am still bringing in nearly the same amount of money I was earning when I was employed (but without doing anything except inner work & expanding my consciousness, which I enjoy doing!). 

I’m ready for the next level! It’s amazing knowing that the more money I invest in your beautiful courses the bigger the returns for me in all aspects of my life! Thankyou for everything you have done for me! I am truly truly grateful. 

Kind regards, Kerara"

I purchased this as a gift to myself for my birthday almost a year ago and could not have imagined the wonderful ripple effects it would have on my life! It was a gift to myself that keeps on giving because it’s helped me reach new levels of ascension and inner work multiple times, and each time I rewatch it, I learn something new. I HIGHLY recommend it as it is well beyond worth the investment. In the past, I purchased personal development programs that I really wanted to help me, but something always felt off. Now I realize it’s that they were tailored to masculine energy so I could only get so far with them. Mina teaches some similar things and many new things in a feminine energy way that deeply resonates with me and makes everything click. This is exactly what I needed and I am infinitely grateful! - CC

The drama addiction must go... If you want to banish fear and self-doubt, you need the radical emotional mastery of a High-Vibration Worthy Woman.

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Have no clue where your time, money, and energy are going...

Are consumed by the fears that dominate your thoughts...

Feel deeply unseen and unheard by your boss, partner, and kids...

Have tried ‘positive thinking’ but always find yourself back to your old ways within a week...

You could spend years and years like I did trying to figure out what’s ‘wrong’ with you...

Or, you could take this shortcut to creating a life filled with passion, pleasure, and POWER.

Through my own Intuitive Spiritual Ascension, I’ve learned the art of marrying the Masculine ‘DOING’ with the Feminine ‘BEING’, which is why this program is rooted in deep inner work that aligns your every action with your high-value potential. 

In the deep-dive training of The High-Value Worthy Woman, you’ll learn my signature process for making practical, everyday changes that stick.


The drama addiction must go... If you want to banish fear and self-doubt, you need the radical emotional mastery of a High-Vibration Worthy Woman.

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maintaining a rich, abundant life and vibration no matter how negative your friends, partner, or family are.

revealing your inner queen to take the driver’s seat back from triggers and emotional upheaval in your life.

balancing your emotions, finding effortless peace, and feeling tuned into your power, tapped into your intuition, and turned on by life!

becoming irresistibly attractive to your man (or a new one!), new opportunities, and money.

releasing family patterns and childhood wounds keeping you waiting for ‘Mommy and Daddy’ to come save you!

radiating joy and feminine allure at home and at work to gain respect and get your kids to listen and your hubby chasing you into the bedroom in the middle of the day!

It may feel like the world is against you and you’ve never truly taken charge of your life…

Everything that I’m claiming is possible for you, may seem too good to be true.


Here’s why you’re shying away from claiming your PERSONAL POWER and becoming wildly MAGNETIC to all that you desire: you’re not sure you deserve it.

Yet, there seems to be an inner compass pointing right to your DREAMS, drawing you in, and asking you to accept that you are WORTHY.


The traumas of your past, childhood wounds, and trapped energy in your body make you feel totally undeserving when really—

You are a high-value woman with so much to offer the world.

As you ditch your out-dated subconscious programming in The High-Value Worthy Woman Ascension, you’ll find your divine guidance system is turned-on and showing you the way to YOUR version of a real happily-ever-after.

More Life Changing Testimonials!

Everything Changed when Jasleen Healed Herself....

“Hi Mina, I hope you are doing well. With the ascension program I am having major realizations of how far I have come. I want to share my wins because it’s just as much your accomplishment as mine. In February 2018 I started the high value worthy woman toolkit and it was the best Money I spent. This was the opening to all of the programs and transformations I got to do. I had just moved to another state and I had to leave a job I loved. I was a housewife because our circumstances allowed for it and I hated it. I thought I had to be on the hamster wheel and force having children. (Which I ultimately decided isn’t for me.) I was miserable but also felt unworthy. My relationship was rough too as you know. Fast forward two years I am working at a top investment bank! A job I wanted for 10 years. I dress up for work everyday and people ask me how many people I manage (none 😂).

My coworkers have nick baked me Queen Jasleen because of the way my heels click and the way I smile and wave at everyone. I work 5 min away from my house so I get to come home for lunch and I get to work from home and be in my feminine. My husband is so incredibly proud of me. I was so unhappy and lost when I bought the toolkit. And now I am so ecstatic. I get to do a job I’m good at and it’s not stressful. I live in my dream house and my dream life. I just came home to my second Chanel purchase. If you told me two years ago this would be my life I would never believe it. Thank you for the incredible life changing work you do. I know I have more work to do but I want to make sure I look at how far I have come. And I want you to know that your program are important, don’t stop making them and don’t stop what you do. We need you! " -Jasleen

“Ps. My husband got my name tattooed on his arm. “

I just started Mina's High-Value Worthy Women Ascension program one week ago and I can see dramatic changes instantly. The inner work is much needed and Mina's explains it so in-depth and easy to understand and practice. Mina is raw, real and her work is covered in so much love, you can just feel the love oozing out just from the summary of the programs. I am so excited to up-level to the next ascension stage to Sacred Feminine now. I'm excited to embark on this journey. Mina is truly a guru send to teach and enlighten us, her work is real and its a game-changer. Love you love you love you dear Mina
- Genievie -

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I’m ready to release my triggers!!

"Most WOMEN protect themselves with heavy ARMOR that’s downright exhausting to carry. "

It leaves them feeling out of control of their emotions and always at the whim of others around them.  

Why struggle when you could ascend?

Your feminine POWER is more potent than any ‘protection’ you’ll ever find.

Appearing STRONG on the OUTSIDE but feeling weak and EXHAUSTED on the inside ends here.

The TIME has come to finally heal the inner wounds keeping you stuck in fear, limiting beliefs, and a false identity.

This goes beyond positive affirmations and chants…

Beyond ‘self-care’ and making time for that bath you haven’t taken in ages…

Beyond putting on a show for your man, your boss, or your friends to gain approval...

The High-Value Worthy Woman energetically and emotionally rewires the body, mind, and spirit. 

Finding information in bits and pieces online and trying to duct tape it all together isn't going to get you the life-changing RESULTS you NEED to reprogram yourself from the inside out!


And every new day that goes by where you're spinning yourself and your soul in circles of suffering is wasted time, money, and energy that you could be pouring into passion, pleasure, and a life you love.

You’re here to make a DIVINE Decision:

Will you tolerate being sick, tired, and emotionally drained for the rest of your life…

OR, will you stop managing everyone’s drama while hanging on to your own sanity by a thread and leap into the life of your dreams?

It's time to take the one step that changes everything.

Make a vow to yourself to end the constant fight-or-flight way of existing as you continue to be triggered by your circumstances and instead reclaim calm, conscious, and untouchable confidence.

This is where upholding your vow begins.

I spent years defending myself against people’s negativity and criticism and sheltering myself from anything that would trigger my childhood wounds and limiting beliefs. This kept me stuck and unable to live the life I truly deserved and desired for many years.


Despite appearing to “have it all" from the outside, I was unhappy and lonely on the inside. I used money and shopping to mask my inner wounds instead of working through them.

My RELATIONSHIPS suffered as I used my personal achievements as an EMOTIONAL mask to gain approval from others and protect myself from criticism and disappointment. I was afraid to be VULNERABLE because of my lack of control over my emotional state.

I finally decided to change things around me by reading hundreds of books, taking tons of courses, hiring coaches, and INVESTING thousands of dollars and years into my inner work and HEALING.

These same tools have also helped thousands of my students take quantum leaps into their AUTHENTIC POWER and the ABUNDANCE that is available to all of us.

My passion is guiding highly sensitive women from all walks of life to do this potent inner work, so they can free themselves and reclaim their AUTHENTICITY.

I’ve seen women receive immediate results from this self-paced coaching program.

My clients include doctors, lawyers, corporate executives, business owners, homemakers, and women just like you from all over the world. They happily pay thousands of dollars to work with me one-on-one.

This program contains EVERYTHING you need to get the same results in overcoming your emotional addictions for a fraction of the price.

The drama addiction must go... If you want to banish fear and self-doubt, you need the radical emotional mastery of a High-Vibration Worthy Woman.

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