Million Dollar Babe...

The Rite of Passage you Inherited!

"Mina, you have a course for the Basic Babes and the Self Aware Barbie, where is the Million Dollar Babe Course?"

You asked, I downloaded.

Here is that course.

The Rite of Passage, the Awakening, the Crowning...

You are the Rightful Heiress...

It's time to take your rightful place on the thrown... 



Come as you are, Leave Ascended.

Please note: This course is best suited for Self Aware Barbie and Above on Mina's 4 stages of Consciousness.

What you need to know

You get immediate access to The Manifest Course as well The Manifestation Muscle Memory Mastercodes with the bundle.

The Million Dollar Babe course starts live on 11/11.

Save $1,555 by bundling these 3 courses together!

Million Dollar Babe Awakened!

Where the Feminine & Masculine fully Integrates...