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Mina Irfan's Four Stages of Goddess Consciousness Archetypes

THE BASIC BABE: First Stage of Consciousness. The forever Damsel in Distress. This is the stage of

victimhood. Everything Is happening to the Basic Babe. She has no sense of responsibility and has given

away her personal power to people, places, and circumstances. She is addicted to drama, suffering, complaining, and has low self worth. Not receptive to love due to constricted heart center. Everything is someone else's fault. Aka. THE WOUNDED FEMININE.

THE SELF AWARE BARBIE: Second Stage of Consciousness. The Self-Aware Barbie is starting to awaken to some of her patterns and habits. She catches her triggers and is actively working to rewire her neuropathways. She is taking back her personal power via hard work and determination. She is a Go–getter. Usually has an over-developed masculine side. Heart center is beginning to open as

she becomes more receptive but her alpha side and need for control makes it hard to fully surrender. aka. THE INDEPENDENT WOMAN. Most likely to go 50/50 or fully provide for men.

MILLION DOLLAR BABE: Third Stage of Consciousness. Reclaiming her Femininity and learned to integrate both her masculine and feminine sides. Learning to fully surrender. The Million Dollar

Babe lives in Divinely Flow! Because she is intuitive and fully receptive to her spirit, this

manifesting babe never works alone! Fully balanced masculine/feminine sides. This High End Diva is vulnerable, sensual, and fully embodied in her delicious worthiness. Heart Center is fully open and receptive to being supported, loved, and adored. aka. THE MANIFESTING QUEEN

HIGH END DIVINITY: Fourth Stage of Consciousness. The High End Divinity Babe lives in her highest alignment. She lives in High Vibration, and is completely at one with her Divinity. She knows that she is The Universe and is in union of oneness with all things. This Goddess in human manifestation is leading the collective conscious to great new levels and is a gift to humanity. She is a Divinely Sacred Being! aka. HEALER, LIGHTWORKER, HIGH PRIESTESS.

Please note that you can be in between two stages.

Disclaimer: there is NO shame on which stage you are in. We ALL need to evolve through every stage to unlock our full potential. OWN it and Ascend! Never use these to shame or put yourself or any other woman down.

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